Thursday, June 24, 2010

What if Islam were not a religion?

So I started thinking the other day about the so-called peaceful religion of Islam. Take a look at the internet on any given day on any given news website, and you will see pictures and stories that do not paint Islamic people in a very good light. As a matter of convenience go to google and type in 'terrorism", and see if you can find a story that does not involve Muslim, Islamist, or some variety of an Islamic person. You cant. My apologies the Christian Terrorist, Hindu terrorist, and the Wiccan terrorist groups but you must fall really low on the terrorist interest on Google, because on the first 10 pages I find nothing but Muslims.
    But the Muslims claim that they are peaceful, and that these are just extremist who distort their peace loving religion, into this violent and venom spewing front. Here is the problem with their assertion. As a majority Judea-Christian Society we do not put up with a few bad examples tarnishing our religions. Sure there are fringe elements like Eric Robert Rudolf, and the Westboro Baptist Church, and you have the old nutbags, like Pat Robertson always putting their feet in their mouth. But overall, we (the Judea-Christian majority) are quick to denounce these groups, and in the case of Eric Robert Rudolf we hunted him down, and helped the authorities. I remember on 9-11, watching the images of the Islamic world. Of these people celebrating in the streets, as our fellow citizens were dead, or dying. Burning the US flag, as they celebrated doing their little chant. I swear if I were the President of the United States, I would have sent cruise missiles into the streets of these Islamic Cities and killed every "muthafuckin last one of em". That's the day I decided that they (Muslims) were not friends, not allies, not misunderstood, not oppressed by Israel and the west, not a peaceful religion. They were killers. Cold blooded murderers that celebrated the murders in their streets, and to me that meant that they were all guilty.
     So what if Islam was not a religion? What if it were the Boy Scout instead? The Boy Scouts have a book (the Scout Handbook), the have a Law which they are required to follow, they have a Motto, and even swear an Oath to the Boy Scouts. So, what if the Boy Scouts were all around the world (they are) and each week they went out camping in the woods, and they talked about how life would be best in the world if everyone followed the Scout Law? As a matter of fact they decided that anyone who would not follow the Scout Law, and swear allegiance by reciting the Scout Oath, would be killed. What if the Boy Scouts made it know in videos, newspapers, websites, magazines, and other media outlets that this was their desire, to convert eveyone to become Boy Scouts (or Girl Scouts I suppose), and that they would kill anyone that didn't go along ith their wishes. they would probably be widely ignored, but what if then they actually started sending in the younger Cub Scouts into crowded marketplaces with bombs strapped on them., set to blow up innocent not Boy Scouts. they kidnap other non Boy Scouts, and take videos of them slicing off the heads of people that would not become Boy Scouts. How would we react to the Boy Scouts? Would we allow the Boy Scouts to enter our country, because some other Boy Scouts proclaim that Boy Scouts are a peaceful organization. I mean there is nothing in, A Scout is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent that would cause any alarm, so they must be just mis-understood. But would they get the benefit of the doubt? The violence has been perpetrated by the Boy Scouts, there is evidence to this, as a matter of fact violence and terrorist hits happen almost every single day with thousands of people dieing every year, and in 99.9% of the time there are Boy Scouts involved. How friendly would we all be to the Boy Scouts if this were the case?
      Yet this is exactly what we do with Islamists. Every day around the world people are killed by them, and the people of Europe allow them to enter their countries and not integrate, but force them to allow their culture to remain, even though their culture requires the submission of the in place culture. If Islam wasn't a religion but were like the Boy Scouts we would not be falling all over ourselves like our weak and pathetic Attorney General who cant bring himself to recognize the enemy. He cant say the words Islamic and terrorist in the same sentence, so how are we to believe that this administration can fight against it. If it were the Boy Scouts they would have no problem attacking them. They have already been attacked by the left. Maybe if the Boy Scouts were a religious organization they wouldn't be attacked, but then again they had better be a non-Christian religion or else they would still be fair game. 
    So I claim now and forever, that Islam is not a religion. If anything they are a cult, and as such, they have no special rights here in this country, nor around the world.  If they are not a cult, or a secular organization, then they have blown it. The "peaceful" part of their "religion should have culled out the bad apples, because now the whole bunch is spoiled. And what should one do with spoiled apples but to throw them away.


  1. I couldn't get through all of this, because I'm in a hurry, but I had to ask this: What media were you watching after 9/11 that showed MUSLIMS celebrating what happened?
    I am a Muslim, and till this day I get goosebumps and teary-eyed whenever I remember what happened that day, and in all the days that followed and preceded it.

    Believe it or not, most Muslims are human beings who care and feel and actually think a bit before denouncing 1.5 billion people, which, I'm sure, you did before denouncing Muslims everywhere.


  2. CNN, HLN, MSNBC, CNBC, FOX, ABC, CBS, NBC and BBC. Not sure if there were more, those are just the one's I saw.