Thursday, February 28, 2013

So what happens now? The political shrug

I realize that some of you that follow my adventures, rants, tirades, and snippets have possibly noticed that I've been absent lately. Not only from long pieces, but even short comments. I've allowed the debt ceiling cave, the immigration amnesty push by Prince Rubio, the confirmation of a douchenozzle who apparently is an idiot Jew hater to boot, this entire Sequestration bullshit, and just about every other thing pass by with not much comment. Have I lost my passion? Have I lost my will to fight? Yes, and no. I cannot financially shrug. I cant just walk away from the business I've built and continue building, because I want to provide for my family, in the best way that I can right now. But I can politically shrug, and have done so as much as I can. One could go mad very quickly trying to figure out why the GOP sucks so badly at just about everything, but in truth it is really simple to understand. They are in on "it".

I derided those who tried to tell us that there was no difference in Romney and Obama. Well they are still wrong. There is a big difference between Obama and Romney, and there is a big difference in the GOP and the Dems. The difference is what they say and how they say it. And that's the extent of the difference. They say the opposite things, but they DO the same things. they both spend money that they don't have, and have to borrow. They both talk about cutting spending and instead increase spending. They both denounce wasteful spending, yet continue to vote for it. They both pander to those on each side of the political spectrum but remain firmly in the mushy middle. And they both suck. So once you understand that they both suck, and that neither is going to do anything good form our point of view, a political shrug is pretty easy.

I've stopped worrying about the politics that is happening in Washington DC. They are a bunch of assclowns, but they are smart enough to convince some of you, that they WOULD change things, yet those evil Republicans or those evil democrats are standing in their way of getting anything meaningful done. And if we would just send more of them, then they would be able to accomplish so much to make our country better. But they wouldn't. This was proven in 2008-2009 when the Democrats had complete control of the government. They could have passed anything that they wanted, yet they didn't. The GOP had majority control in 2000-2002, then a short time again in 2004, and did they use that time to cut government, lower regulations, and make us in any way better? No. They spent more money on brand new programs, and got thrown out on their asses in 2006 by those of us that realized they were no better than the Democrats. But it is all a ruse. They are all in on it, and we are the suckers to believe that they are anything but deceivers  They go on the talk shows and they say what they think their followers would want to hear, but in their minds, if not in their hearts they are laughing at us all. They don't give a shit about you. They don't give a shit about anything but one thing; remaining in office. If they can appear that they would do something, then perhaps enough people will be dumb enough to buy their bullshit and reelect them. And it works, as more than 90% of Congress gets re-elected.

So I shrugged. I understand now that none of these people are any good. If they are any good they are sent out tot he sidelines as pariahs of unreasonableness. For every 1 good Senator, there are 30 bad ones, who will push the good one to the worst committee assignments, will help primary them so they can get a go along to get along type in there that will not rock the boat. It's a disgusting pit of vipers, but it is what we have. 535 assclowns all working together to do as little as possible, and remain in power. Once you figure out that I am right on this, things will be much happier for you. It's like the old serenity prayer. Accept the things you cannot change. This is something you cannot change. For every Ted Cruz, or Rand Paul  I will name 10 douchebags that have the exact same power as they do. So what is one to do? Post 50 or 60 posts about how bad the Democrats are? Post another 50-60 posts about how this guy or that guy is "fighting" for an issue you support? Well I tell ya friends, you can wish in one hand and shit in the other and see which one fills up first.

So have I given up? Nope. Just preparing for the inevitable. I have accepted what I cannot change, and have found more peace preparing for the inevitable outcome of a 16 Trillion dollar national debt on it's way to 22 Trillion in the next four years, the rising taxes, and the pension and retirement account grab that will be coming down the pike. The day of account will be on us soon. It's simple math. We cannot continue to spend at this rate for much longer. Whether the collapse happens in a year or 10 years, one thing I am positive of, and that is NONE OF THESE PEOPLE ARE GOING TO DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT! And if there are one or two that would like to fight for change, they will be destroyed either by the media or their own party members, even though in reality they cant do anything to stop it anyway. The train is coming. Will you stand in the middle of the tracks defiantly yelling at it, "This is unconstitutional !!", or will you understand that that doesn't matter to them and get the fuck off the track so that it eventually crashes, and you can come back in to build something anew?

I'd like to stay disengaged, but I will probably relapse once in a while back to caring and thinking that I could make a difference. I can make a difference to my family and my friends by preparing for what is to come, instead of bitching about people who don't give a fuck about any of us. I give a fuck about you, and I will try to help you if I can, which is more than what they will do. There comes a point in every person's life where they come to an understanding about the way things are in their personal lives, their local lives, and their national lives. I've come to that point. This country is lost. It will be rebuilt, but it will never become better than it is right now, because there is nobody in Washington DC that can lead us out of this. They are all in on it, and are simply riding out the end. As in Atlas Shrugged, the Wesley Mouchs and Jim Taggarts, and Oren Boyles all sat there trying to hold their little pieces of the pie together even when they knew it was all collapsing, so do the Harry Reids the John Boehners sit and try to hold what little modicum of power and prestige they have now.

So join me when when you figure it out. Fight if you wish. Put your hope in any politician that says the right thing on that one issue that is important to you. Meanwhile I will be enjoying my new found peace in acceptance that there is no hope left until after it all collapses.