Monday, February 13, 2012

Santorum is George W. Bush not in disguise.

Okay. Just going to throw this out there that I like President Bush. Seemed like a good guy. Heart was in the right place as far as keeping us safe, and all, and was overall a good leader in one of the most trying times of our history as a nation. However, I was not one who overlooked his spending habits, his new agencies created like Homeland Security and with it the TSA. I was never in favor of No Child Left Behind or Medicare Prescription drug benefits entitlement. I was never in favor of spending a shit tone of money that we had to borrow. Never. Notice how I said I liked President Bush? Honorable guy. But Rick Santorum HAS exactly the same governing phillosophy as George W. Bush. He supported, wrote, voted, and campaigned for all of those new agencies, programs, and all the spending. He NEVER once stood up and said, HEY GUYS THIS ISNT making government smaller, it's making it bigger which isn't what conservatives do.

Now Maneesh Bhatnagar has said that I have an irrational hatred against Rick Santorum, but that is only half correct. My hatred of him is not irrational. I used rational logic that what brought about the changes in 2006, when Nancy Pelosi took control of the House of Representative, (when Rick Santorum lost his Senate race by 18% as a two term incumbent), and in 2008 brought about the election of a far extreme leftist, and bigger Democratic majorities were made in the House and the Senate, were not the cause of the American People who were tired of wars in the Middle East, nor the economy which although it was portrayed as horrible by the press was actually pretty robust until it was apparent that Obama would win the election, when it tanked. It was the spending, the deficits, and the bigger government brought on by the GOP from 2000-2006. They did not have a big majority in the Senate but were eager to pass some laws now that Clinton was gone, so they reached across the isle to reform education, and they reached across the isle again to sure of Medicare. It's like they could not help themselves. YES Education needed reform, but doubling the size of the Department of Education with No Child Left Behind, wasn't the "conservative" solution. It was the big government solution, that they should have known NEVER WORKS! The same is true with Medicare Part D. There was an issue, but was the free market solution which would have been the conservative approach used? No. More big government, top down bureaucratic nonsense.

So why my rational hatred towards Rick Santorum? Because Rick Santorum is the Poster Boy for this era. He was right in the middle of all these debates, and did he fight for conservatism? EVER? No. Now if all Conservatism is is being anti-Abortion, then Rick Santorum lead the way. He has been a standard bearer of that issue forever. But he has never been ANYTHING but a big government, we can solve things from up here in Washington type of politician. NEVER. Look at his voting record. Time and time again, he voted to spend more money, create more government programs, and create a huge Top down federal behemoth that we have today. I am sorry, but no matter how much he loves babies, he is not a conservative. He is a Pro-Life Big Government politician, and is very similar to George W. Bush. Like I said. I like President Bush, I think he did a pretty good job, but there is absolutely NO WAY I would want another President that has his same ideology again. If by chance that Santorum could win the general, and my personal belief is that he cannot, then THIS will become what the general public think of as "What Republicans do, and what conservatives do." If that is the case then we lose forever.

Say no to Santorum.