Friday, December 23, 2011

Festivus- Airing of Grievances- Part one

I would normally set this up with a long introduction, but honestly I can’t wait any longer to air some grievances, so without further ado, My official Airing of Grievances for 2011.

Grievance #1 Herman Cain
You have got to be fucking kidding me Herman. You were supposed to be the new Reagan. You were different, and you proposed the bold solutions that could have actually saved the Republic from the douchebaggery that has engulfed Washington DC for the last 50 + years. You had the support of the grassroots in this country, and you were EXACTLY what we have been yearning for since Ronald Reagan. A non-politician that was from outside the system that could actually change that shithole called Washington DC. And although it was doubtful that you could actually change those motherfuckers, I at least had the feeling that you would stand up there as President and call the motherfuckers out. And this was probably what leads to your downfall. You were the biggest threat to not only a liberal ideal of what a black man should act like, think like, and be like, but you were also a huge threat to the politicians that have used their position in DC  to make themselves rich, and like being the elite that have the power in this country. So why am I pissed at you? Because you are loyal to a fault. Your campaign manager Mark Fucking Block is an incompetent idiot at best, and a downright scumbag at worst. He should have been fired exactly one day after the dumb ass smoking man ad. Let Mark be Mark? Let Mark be a fired motherfucker for being so goddamned stupid. Then the sexual harassment shit started. And again Mark Block was a complete incompetent in responding to it. You had 10 days head start, and he should have seen the tsunami coming, but he didn't and he was caught there with his dick in his hand when he needed a gun. Your loyalty also had you keep the absolute worst fucking PR manager JD Gordon, who probably should have been fired, but in light of that should NEVER be given a job more important that stuffing envelopes for a mail order company located in Kazakhstan.  His interview with Geraldo on the eve of the Politico story is EXACTLY what FUCKED YOU UP MAN!!! I knew you were in trouble with that cock-sucking motherfucker had a job the next day, let alone for a week after. You kept using the line that you were going to focus on the problem, put the right people around you in order to solve the problem, BUT WHEN YOUR POLITICAL LIFE WAS AT STAKE YOU KEPT THESE TWO ASSCLOWNS AROUND?!?! You have got to be kidding me! This was your political test, and you failed miserably. A real leader? A Real leader would have took a step back after the first story came out, saw the effectiveness of your staff, and fired every motherfucking last one of these douchebags. Had you done this, and hired a real campaign leader, and press person, you'd still be in the race today and running away with it. Oh? You think that Sharon Bialik and Ginger White would have tanked you anyway? Well you fucked this shit up from the beginning. IF THERE WAS A THERE THERE, then you should have put that shit in your book. If there was no there there, then you should have sicked Lin Wood on these bitches immediately. If you are an innocent man, then you should act like an innocent man. Fight these fucking cunts, sue their asses, and clear your name. With Ginger White, release the actual texts, the amounts of money you gave her as a friend, and the dates. Otherwise YOU ARE GUILTY IN THE COURT OF PUBLIC OPINION BECAUSE YOU CHOOSE NOT TO FIGHT!!! Fucker! Anyway, fuck you Herman Cain. You could have been something that was great for this country. 20 years from now people could have been talking about being a Cain Republican, but you failed. You failed not because of your ideas, you failed not because of your intelligence, and you failed not because the left and their dirty tricks, you failed not because of the establishment GOP and talking heads, and you failed not because the American People didn't want you. YOU FAILED BECAUSE YOU WERE A PUSSY THAT DIDN'T FIGHT!!! I fought a lot harder for you than you ever did. Thanks a lot asshat!

Grievance #2 Rick Perry
Rick Perry you clueless dolt. Unlike Herman Cain, you have the total opposite situation. Your staff is stellar at making you look good, but you are so inept that you can’t put two sentences together on the fly. Before you even entered the race you were assured the top non-Romney spot, but people worried that another Texas Governor would be scary as another George W. Bush. Well our fears that we would get another George W. Bush was alleviated by the second debate. Rick Perry, you make W look like a fucking rocket scientist. I read your book Fed Up in preparation that you would be the nominee, and figured I should get a good handle on what you were about. Man, was I pumped up by that book, and couldn’t wait till we had a genuine 10th amendment advocate in these debates, and up against a bloated, disgustingly corrupts federal government that was out of control. Then your announcement speech came, and you said you were going to make government as inconsequential in our lives as possible. WOOT! YOU GO RICK!!!! Then you were off script in a debate, and it was a little disconcerting, as in "This is Rick Perry?" Then another debate and another "This is the guy that is leading with 31points?" Then the 3rd debate came and you just went crazy. The "You have no heart" line will go down in history along with the Howard Dean screech, and Dukakis saying he would be against the death penalty if someone raped and murdered his family. You may be able to pull off some sort of good old boy network wins down in Texas, with your Solyndra like crony capitalism, but it was totally visible to anyone that was willing to see, that you are a clueless empty suit. Your supporters will say that debates don’t matter, and you've never been a good debater yada yada, but that’s some water I'm not willing to tote. They will say that you are an awesome "retail" politician, and I think, Really? A good retail politician? So in other words we should hand over the country to a guy whose best attribute is that he has the ability to go out, give planned speeches, excite the fans in attendance, hire people to make snazzy ads, and shake hands? Are you fucking kidding me? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!?!?! WE ALREADY HAVE ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE IN THE WHITE HOUSE AND HIS NAME IS BARACK HUSSEIN FUCKING OBAMA!!!!!! Prior to that empty suit assclown motherfucking son of a whore, we had another great "retail Politician" in the form of Bill Clinton. And Rick Perry is supposed to impress me by having the same goddamned ability to make people like him in person as tow fucking socialists? Give me a fucking break. So Rick Perry, you may be the greatest conservative leader the world has ever had since Reagan, and Thatcher, but we will never know that because you are without a doubt, the worst politician I have ever seen at thinking on their feet. You would think with being a lifelong politician that it would come naturally to you, but I guess Texans are more forgiving in their leaders as shown by the total lack of eloquence and speaking ability of you and George W Bush. Oh and by the way, I am not fooled by you at all. There is absolutely NO FUCKING CHANCE that you wrote Fed Up. You must be like Obama who had Bill Ayres write his first book, and have gotten a real conservative to write yours. Stay in Texas and continue to be the best fucking governor that has ever existed in this country, or do exactly what made you a viable candidate in the first place; stay out of the people that actually know what they fuck they are doing.

Grievance #3 Ron Paul and his worshipers.
At first glance one can like Ron Paul. I mean the guy is nothing if not consistent. He wants lower taxes a hell of a lot less spending, brought the world the message that the Federal Reserve is a problem, has been a problem and needs audited or done away with entirely, and believes in sound money and Austrian economics. Fucking A!!! But then he opens his fucking piehole on foreign policy. Now there is much that I like about his foreign policy. Shutting down a bunch of bases in Europe and Japan is a great idea. He should stick to the foreign policy and defense economics, but no. No, he has to go into his wackjob idiocy of how the United States and its interventionist foreign policy is the cause of 99.9% of the problems in the world, that we brought 9/11 on ourselves, and that the Jihadists have a legitimate beef. You sir are a fucking moron, and even if there is some validity in your ludicrous claims you sound like a code pink, cocksmoker when you say shit like, American soldiers have killed half a million innocent civilians in Iraq. Well you are wrong you fucking turd munching, American hating douche. Why don’t you go away, and buttfuck your buddy Lew Rockwell, and you guys can just enjoy all your time together in each other 's loving arms as you talk about how much you hate this country, and how evil we are. Fuck off and die you piece of shit. If you really cared about your cause you would have done the right thing and stepped aside, so your son who is not quite as batshit crazy as you, and hasn't been indoctrinated by as much Rothbard and Rockwell as you, could actually have a good effect. But no. Your ego, is Napoleonic and you feel that because you have convinced a bunch of stoners that you are 'the one" that you are somehow destined. Of all the crazy people in this country, I put you right in front of Charles Manson in your delusion of grandeur. You are without a doubt the absolute worst politician I have ever seen. Obama is skilled compared to you and he is so pathetic he can’t get out of the way of his ideology long enough to win against a now weak GOP field. You are also stuck in your ideology, and it isn’t some noble constitutional one, it is the Ron Paul ideology, which includes a bunch of leftover hippy 60’s make love not war, anti American sentiment, and you have been able to convince your followers that this is all according to the plans of the founding fathers. You have as much in common with Osama Bin Ladin, as you do to Thomas Jefferson, and cult leaders prey on the weak minded, so congratulations, you are now on par with Jim Jones. So fuck off, and take all your free love, no war douchebags with you. 

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Crazy Christmas Relatives?

Okay. So we had already moved away from West (By god) Virginia a few years, and decided to go back to spend Christmas with my grandparents who were normal people. The day before Christmas we went to visit my Uncle Raymond. Well Uncle Raymond was not so normal, and his kids were definitely not normal. These were folks that lived on welfare their whole lives, and made money under the table making moonshine, searching for wild ginseng, and trapping mink, otters and other woodland creatures for their fur. So we get to Uncle Raymond's "house" get to the front door, where there is a screen door, that is just a frame. So they open the door, and we all just walk through the screen door frame, and go into the house. The occupants of the house always opened the screendoor instead of simply stepping through it.

I was about 15 at the time, and we had my little cousin with us who was about 8. We all say our hellos and such, and my little cousin needed to use the bathroom. Uncle Raymond tells me the lightbulb for the bathroom is on a string and I would probably need to help her turn on the light. So we go to the bathroom, I am reaching around in the dark for the string until finally I grab it and pull to turn on the light, and My little cousin screams a horror movie type of blood curdling scream. I turn around and Uncle Raymond has a Big ass buck hanging from the ceiling, gutted and the blood draining into the bathtub. Blood dripping out of the nose, and Bambi there looked just like Rudolph. Finally after about 15 minutes little Michelle stopped screaming and crying, as we assured her that santa would still make it even missing one Reindeer.

Later that day, as we were all sitting in the living room, "visiting" with our hillbilly kin, we hear a loud twaaaamp!! One of the crazy cousins was demonstrating his ability and skill with the bow and arrow, and decided the best way to do this was to shoot an arrow from the kitchen into the living room, and into a deer head that was mounted on the wall above the couch were my mother and I were sitting.

But wait... There's more from these crazy cousins. This is December in West Virginia, so not exactly warm. But later that evening, the cousins brought home "dinner" for us. It was 2 ducks, and having never had duck before, I was intrigued. An hour later, the Sheriff of the county comes and knocks on the door. My Uncle Raymond answers the door with, "What the fuck do you want now Chester?" ( i guess they were on first name basis and all). Chester informed Uncle Raymond that the neighbors "down the Holler" said that they saw Scotty and Bruce (2 of the crazy cousins), running away from their pond butt ass naked, and carrying their pet ducks by the feet. So the mystery of where the ducks came from was solved. Scotty and Bruce were given a game warden citation, (guess this falls under the "poaching" category) and we had to listen to them explain, in great detail, how they had gotten into the freezing water, swam underneath the ducks and grabbed them by the feet. (Who knew this is how one catches ducks?) Then held them underwater until they drowned. Lovely folks.

Anyway. We left without dinner, and went back to the grandparents house. I've never been back there again.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Advice to my niece about how to be happy and fulfilled.

My niece who is just about worthless (at the current time), and absolutely clueless about the "real world" asked me a question yesterday. This is a girl who has very little self esteem and it is so very sad. I've tried to instill in her some self worth, advise her as to some books she should read, tapes she should should listen to (CD's I guess at this point), and in general I've advised her that only She can make the decision to either be happy or sad. She is always sad, and seems that there is always some physical ailment that she is suffering. So she asked me, "What 1 or 2 things do you do that make you happy, and fulfilled?" I guess she thought I was going to give a dissertation or something, but I replied back what I think is the secret to my life. Pretty short.

1) I have the absolute belief that my own happiness is up to me. My attitude is almost unwavering positive. Bad things may happen to me, but any feelings of sadness, bitterness, resentment, usually lasts at most a day, and usually only an hour, until I can refocus on myself and understand that I WILL MAKE IT THROUGH, AND I WILL WIN! That thought carries me through some real horrible shit. I WILL WIN! I just keep repeating it in my mind until it is as solid a belief, as saying, I am a man.

2) I have clearly defined, written out goals. I know where I want to be in 10 years from now, in 5 years from now, in 2 years from now, next year, and next month. Very specific things I would like to achieve. How can you every get what you want if you dont know what you want? A goal of "be happy" is not a goal, it's just a vague and ambiguous feeling you wish to achieve. I break my goals down into 3 categories. Financial Goals, Personal Goals, and Life Goals. The Life Goals usually are a mix of what I want to be as a business owner, a father, and a husband. The Personal Goals are usually health, spiritual learning, and intellectual learning. Financial Goals are definitely the easiest goals to come up with, and achieve. They must push you, but be just outside of what you believe is possible. I use to hit my financial goals for the year in about month 10, and I've learned to set them higher than I thought possible. Now I barely reach them, and a few times, have missed my mark by a little. That drives me harder. One thing about these goals, and it is something that is a new goal for this next year. I HAVE to balance my family life with my professional life. Although I have plenty of Dagny time, I want even more. This is important.

On #2. The best way I know of making sure I reach my goals is that I break them down to monthly goals, and monthly benchmarks to know if I will meet the yearly goal. Some folks may break it down by week, but I've found I get to geeky when I break them down that far. Monthly is fine with me, however, the #1 method of success that I know is to make a daily "STD" (stuff to do for some, shit to do for me) list the night before. I know exactly what needs to be done every day when I wake up. I tried to do this list in the morning, but it took up too much of my morning, and I just wouldn't even do it, so I would wander about aimlessly through my day. But then I started doing them at night before I went to bed. Stuff that didn't get done that day, stayed on the list for the next, and more stuff was added, ALL adding up to achieving the monthly goals. If I miss a monthly goal this month, the rest of the monthly goals to the end of the year get adjusted up so that I dont miss the yearly goal.

All of this takes very little time, although I will admit that my long term goal setting of 10 years, 5 years, and 2 years will sometimes take a few days to put together. Why? Because I do what I call dream building. Now dream building is different than Goal Setting, in that my Dream Building is more of an exercise of getting excited. One may put on a 10 year Goal- I will have a house on 25 acres, with a pond and a stream, that is cross fenced for horses, has a large red barn, and a basement bar, that leads out to a swimming pool that overlooks the pastures. So what I do in my Dream Building is that I go an visit a house that is similar to what I want. I can envision the swimming pool in the back yard if there isn't one, I can see the horses in the pasture, and where I would put a garden etc. Nothing is more motivating to me, than to actually see, smell and feel what it is that I am aiming for.

So anyway, back to my Niece:
I told her:
1) have specific written short and long term goals
2) Have a "to do" list written the night before, so that when you wake up you already know what will happen during the day, and you wont waste time wandering about aimlessly looking for things to do, or wasting time.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My nutshell version of a better heathcare system in the US

Nutshell version- There is government healthcare (I'd get rid of all of it, but since we are looking at realistic solutions rather than my, "pay or die scenario) and there is private healthcare. And the two shouldn't mix.

Government healthcare- Includes Medicare, Medicaid, and VA. There are hospitals set up to care for this. VA hospitals suck, but really that is what the government does. It sucks at whatever it does. So. You have these government hospitals set up, people that would like to remain on Medicare can do so, and the money that they have paid into it goes into the government healthcare fund. As does the VA medical fund, and the Medicaid money allotted by the assclowns in DC. Staffing these places should be Docs fresh out of med school, who will work for 4 years at a salary of 40K, and when they are done with their tour, their medical school bills are paid for. Same with nurses, and other medical staff. Get people off welfare, by training them how to be LPN (I think this is the first step in nursing. takes about 18 months to get certified, these are the nurses that check your blood pressure, can help you to the bathroom), janitors, maintenance, cafeteria, laundry and all the stuff that is required to run a hospital. They get hand me down equipment from private hospitals that get to write off the donations on their taxes. So basically these hospitals are self contained, and the costs are kept to a minimum by trading federal money (money from welfare to now employment) and although the care will not be the best in the country, it would still be some of the best in the world, and nobody is 'left to die". You want the government to take care of you? Here is how the government can take care of you. Create smaller govt clinics that are more numerous to handle all the little BS that costs a fortune when taken to a hospital. Things like colds, flu, eye infections and the like. I hate socialism, but if this is what people want (socialized medicine) than we go ahead and give it to them. As it stands now, they are paying (or not paying) for socialized medicine, but are receiving A+ best in the world, state of the art medical breakthrough miracles. Sorry. You get what you pay for, and this is it.

For the rest of the people who do not wish to partake in the Government Healthcare System, they are not affected at all by the government system. In fact they are in the Private System which is run by private corporations. Insurance companies, hospital systems, doctors, clinics and all are in the free market system. Without government intervention the free market healthcare system will readjust to the government free market, and will raise lower premiums, and the price of services according to the free market. Medical device and pharmaceutical companies will do likewise. Healthcare costs in this country have skyrocketed over the last 40 years largely due to the influence of Medicare and Medicaid. Government only pays about 25-30% of the actual cost of procedures, and visits, so that means the healthcare providers had to make up that money somewhere, so that gouged the regular paying customers (insurance companies) and made the prices go up. Without the government mooching from the Healthcare providers, they can focus on a REAL business model, where profits and loss actually matter, and the competition from others forces the real costs to where they should be.

So basically give those people that want to live on the government teat exactly what they deserve (I'm actually torn on the VA medical system. I would probably keep them separate, double the funding of them {take the money from the other program} since they are really the best of Americans and deserve a hell of lot better care than they are getting right now) and get the government out of the private healthcare business altogether, so that THAT system can thrive and continue to be the best healthcare in the world. 

Thursday, December 1, 2011

AN Old piece that got me fired by a client

by Ragnar Danneskjöld on Thursday, 25 March 2010 at 23:26
Social justice- What is social justice? I don’t know what it means to you, or Glen Beck, or your preacher, and frankly I don’t care. What it means to me, is that the poor, needy, less fortunate, underprivileged or whatever you want to call these people deserve our help. I believe that too! See I am one of you. I want everyone to succeed, live a great life, have all they want to eat, a great house to live in, a healthy life, a great family, love and happiness. I want that for everyone. Where we differ is that I believe that they should want it enough to get all of those things on their own, and frankly if they do not that is their failure, and their responsibility. I will help them if I can, and if I feel that they are worthy of my help. Liberals on the other hand, also want to help them, and have all those things, BUT instead of wanting them to do it themselves or do without, they feel that nobody should do without, and if they can’t achieve these things that they should be given it. Now perhaps some liberals are truly generous and they will try to help these people by giving their own support to these people, but there are more that feel that they have a right to take from one person to give to these folks. This is not right and it is not moral in my mind. How would they feel if I was hungry, and came to their house, with my gun, and robbed them so I could eat? Is that right? Is that moral? Yet they feel totally okay with having the federal government do that to me.

Health care-"This person can’t afford healthcare, so we should give it to them." Health care is not a right in this country. If you feel strongly that everyone deserves it, then by all means, sell everything you own, and take all the money that you make and give it to these people so that they can afford it. How can you support taking from me to give to them? Is that "fair"? You may believe in your heart that they deserve health care, but I tell you that I do not believe they do. I hear the arguments that they burden the whole system by not having insurance and getting the care anyway, thereby making everyone's cost higher. I have a solution. Do not treat them. Let them die. Oh, now I am really a heartless bastard. Yes, let them die, and maybe the next person who has to choose between getting health insurance and paying the cell phone bill, will choose the health insurance. Do you liberals understand reward and penalty? You reward good behavior, and you penalize bad behavior. Do you have any concept of consequences of one's own actions? If a doctor feels that he can give treatment to people without money or insurance, then let them. But if they choose not to work for free, why are they forced to? Are you forced to do work for free? Surely your time and effort is worth money. Why is a doctor, who has trained more than you any different. This is not saying that I do not feel that doctors that choose to do so are wrong. On the contrary, I find them to be noble. Using the liberal logic, where does this stop? I need some new business cards, but can’t afford to get them right now. Should a printer be forced to give them to me because I have a "need"?

The waste- You know I would not change my opinions on "entitlement programs" (even the name of this pisses me off. As if they are entitled to anything, which I do not believe they are), but perhaps if the billions of dollars were not spent (I say wasted) on pet projects, earmarks, pork spending, and worthless programs, I may have less anger about them. Building a road here, or a bridge there, or a hospital here, or a grant for studying this there. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?! WE HAVE NO MONEY! We spend more than we bring in, yet you (both parties) spend money on all of these vote buying projects and gifts. How can 1 single representative or Senator justify 1 dollar of this BS? Pay for what we have to pay for first (things that are already in law, and in the constitution), then if money is left over.... SEND IT BACK TO THE PEOPLE WHO EARNED IT! These damn politicians see it as their money to dish out, and this is insane. All we are to them are machines that send them money. What is wrong with you people!?! Simple math you pandering crooks. You have a need for 1 dollar, you collect 1 dollar. You can’t collect 1 dollar then spend 5 dollars. Any 4 year old understands this principle, and family that has to do a budget understands it, yet time and time again you spend money that a) you do not have, and b) you didn't earn. What would you tell a person that makes 20K a year, and drives a new Mercedes, lives in a 500K house, has an iphone, 60 inch TV, cable with every channel ordered, and eats lobster and caviar every night then you find out that they have 80K in credit card debt? Would you not consider that person irresponsible? Yet we keep putting up with our politicians doing the same thing year after year. At what point will you say ENOUGH!? I am saying ENOUGH! Fire their asses. Why are we sending 1 single dollar to any other country? So they will like us? I feel bad for Haiti, but let’s let George Clooney have his telethon, and let people that want to give to Haiti, give to Haiti. Nobody from DC called me to ask if I wanted to give to Haiti. Maybe they called you, but I didn't get the call. Are we supposed to believe that the people running our government are intellectually and morally superior to us, and that they know how to spend our money better than we do. I think that the politicians should have had to make a phone call or at least mention on the floor the names of the 5 people that paid that 219K in income taxes. 'Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Ms. Jones, Dr and Mr. Brown, Mr. Thompson, Ms. Wong, we believe that this university needs this money to study the sexual habits of college girls, more than you need to send your kids to college, or buy a retirement home, or give to your church, or buy your first home, or buy that boat to take your granddaughter fishing. Maybe that would shame them into doing what is right.

The "stimulus" -what a bunch of BS. What exactly did it stimulate? Not the economy. Not the jobs in the US. Just 800 Billion of wasted money. Then they try to sell it from the jobs "created and saved" BS. Are any of you buying this crap? If you do, then frankly please "defriend" me, because you are not bright enough to be my friend. Want to stimulate the economy idiot? Lower taxes across the board. It worked for Kennedy, it worked for Reagan, and it worked for W after 9/11. It works! Every time it works, yet they won’t do it. Why? I can only think of one reason, and that is that Obama is set upon destroying the economy enough to implement more control. Control over the banks, the insurance companies, the car companies, and transfer power to Washington DC. Maybe I sound like some conspiracy nut, but if you can figure out a reason that Obama and his lot haven't done the one thing that has been proven to stimulate the economy, and gives private business the confidence and ability to hire people I am listening.
Bailouts- Let them fail! Whining that it would have destroyed the whole economy. Awesome! That’s what free markets do. They go up and they go down. When the government gets to choose the winners and losers, there are no free markets. Bailing out the auto companies? Hmm. Why GM and Chrysler, but not Goody’s, Sterling tucks, max factor, and Circuit City? Unions bought and paid for Obama, and he has their backs. In fact, when the Supreme Court decided not to take up the court case on the behalf of Chrysler bondholders, thereby allowing Obama to usurp contract law, I knew something had changed in the US. If you are not familiar let me enlighten you. Bonds have a higher debt precedent that any other in a bankruptcy. What does that mean? It means that when a company goes bankrupt that their assets are liquefied, and the bonds are paid first, then the class a stocks, then the common stock and so on, until there is no more money. Obama decided that instead of following contract law, that he would sign an order stating that the bondholders would receive 15% of their bands, and the union pension plan(which Chrysler borrowed form also) would be paid in full. Therefore, after Ruth Bader Ginsburg decided not to take the case to the court, she was thereby allowing Obama’s edict to be above the law. Travesty and it was widely ignored. I don’t even know that the usual suspects (right wing talking heads) brought it up. I am so sick and tired of the short term memory of the media. Look at the record. Bush Bush Bush Bush Bush Bush!!!!! It’s all Bush’s fault! Yeah really? Funny how although the media had been crying about the horrible economy since 2001, yet do the facts support this? No. Unemployment hovered between 4-5.8% from 2001-2006, and then with the democrats taking back control of the congress in 2006 all the poop hit the fan culminating in 2008. Coincidence? Hardly. Then you have Chris Dodd and Barney frank pointing all the fingers at no regulation in the mortgage industry. That’s like those two standing at the top of a building, pushing a guy off, then blaming the pavement for killing him. The lack of regulation and the corruption of these two is amazing. How they are still in office and not hanging out in Levinworth is beyond me. Look I am not absolving W, but it seems a little incredulous that these assholes are talking about Bush’s deficits and his unfunded policies. UNFUNDED POLICIES?!?! Like the damn Medicare drug benefit program that you democrats said didn’t go far enough, or the “no child left behind” that you now berate, though it was Bush’s attempt at being bipartisan, with the manslaughterer Ted Kennedy? I hear the democrats say, you never said anything when Bush was spending like a madman but you would be wrong. I was screaming at the top of my lungs friends. Stupid spending is stupid spend no matter who is doing the spending. Not a big fan of W, but I am grateful that he kicked some ass and we never was hit again. The demonization of this guy is sickening. “Bush lied and people died.” You people are morons. Every time I challenge someone to back that bullcrap up, they whimper away to come back with some conspiracy BS. Screw you! You can all sit in your rooms smelling each other’s farts and telling each other how great yours smells, but frankly you are morons. Was bush perfect? Hell no! He should have had a better plan for Iraq. On Katrina, he should have done 1 of 2 things. My preference would have been to say, “I’m sorry for the devastation, but it is not the federal government’s responsibility to save the day, and unless we are asked by the Governor, we can’t intervene.” And after the rescue efforts are done say, “Hope ya’ll had insurance!, as it is not the responsibility of the federal governments to take care of you” What he probably should have done, was sweep in there like Patton into Bastogne, and saved them since he should have known that Ray Nagin and Kathleen Blanco were incompetent. Anyway, not a big fan of W, but the more liberals hate him, the more I figure he must be great.
All the corruption in DC is really disheartening. The democrats passed this health care reform bill using every underhanded trick they could think of. Through the bribery (why is nobody going to jail for this) special deals (oh the Unions do not have to pay the tax on "Cadillac plans" but everyone else does?) then this "reconciliation" deal? This common excuse that "the republicans did it" is so stupid it is hardly worth mentioning. This didn't work on my parents, but apparently it works on liberals. Look, you had a filibuster proof Senate and a huge majority in the house. You could have passed universal single payer and really I would have had less of a problem. Sure it would suck, but at least the rule of law would have been followed. It's disgusting how the democrats manipulated the system, but the smug looks on their faces will be smacked off soon. I hope that the Republicans do not follow their example on how to pass legislation that affects all Americans. They can do it. Trust me. They could do some really nasty things. My favorite though is that they could pass a bill that states, "Taxes will only be collected from VT, NY, MA, CT, NJ, DE, RI, MD, WV, MI, IL, MT, OR, WA, CA, HI, NM, CO, AR, and the current revenue levels shall be maintained." Huh? Well I am sure that the Senators and representatives from the exempt states would support that, and apparently special deals for certain states are no longer illegal. You hear the Dems whining about corporations that can now run political ads in support of a position or party, yet where has their outrage been when the unions collect their members money then donate directly to democratic politicians 60.7 million dollars to Obama alone from the SEIU. Where was the outrage then?

In Conclusion: Responsibility. People have to be responsible enough to take care of themselves, and to take care of the people that they care about. It’s not my responsibility to take care of your sick relative. It’s yours. It’s also our responsibility to put people in office that are responsible with our money, and do not spend it on buying themselves votes. I have a soft spot in my heart for children. To me children should be taken care of, and if their parents can’t take care of that for them, they should be taken care of, since they can’t control what sort of people that their parents are. I can hear people now telling me how people work hard and they can’t afford to take care of themselves. Well perhaps they are the most unlucky people in the world, but frankly they are not my problem, and they are exactly where they are in life due to the choices they have made. I understand that people have tragedies in their life, and I feel for them, but it still is not my fault, so I shouldn’t be blamed or penalized for someone else’s luck or choices. If you disagree, then by all means, sell everything you own, and give all your money, time and energy to them, and I will forever refer to you as a Saint.

Anyway. There’s my “hate speech”.

Amendment- And one last thing. Nothing pisses me off more than some whiney ass liberal who thinks that I sit in a room glued to talk radio and the Fox news channel, implying that I get all of my damn opinions from someone else. I am not them and I am certainly not you. When was the last time you wrote an original piece without just posting something from the Huffington Post, CNN or John Stewart? Do you just run around the liberal websites looking for some piece that will stir up the fart sniffers and enrage a few ideological opposites? I have been accused of being a myrmidon of Neal Boortz, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, and now Glen Beck. I don’t listen to these people, or watch their television shows. (If I do it is Boortz, maybe an hour or 2 a week) I do my own damn research trying to use primary sources whenever I can, although wading through the government bureaucracy and their websites are tedious at best. I comment on someone else’s link on what Glen Beck said about ‘Social Justice” So I take the time to go look up what the hell, ‘Social Justice” means, look into the background, and post an opinion. Then I get accused of following the Glen Beck Schtick. If anything that asshole is following mine. Just like yesterday. I come up with this brilliant plan to run the US as a corporation and give people 1 vote per dollar that they pay in taxes, then last night I hear Michael Savage say something almost verbatim. Maybe we are all a bunch of weirdos that think the same. Maybe that’s why all the liberals I hear sound the same, as they bypass issues, and go straight for the healthcare is a right, and pre-existing conditions are not a bad thing. Do you people even understand why the hell pre-existing conditions may be a concern from a company that is insuring your health? I tell you what, lets throw out “pre-existing conditions” on all insurance. Why stop with health? I think I would like to take out some life insurance on some dead relatives. Makes as much sense.

I’m done!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

What will not be done to save the Republic

So earlier today, in discussion with my friend Maneesh, I indicated that I was planning on checking out, and watching the collapse of America from afar. Maneesh indicated that he would stay and fight for the Republic, and indicated that all was not lost. This has weighed on me since this morning, and I wondered if I was being a puss, or a realist. So after many hours of focused thought, which for me is quite an accomplishment, as I usually have 6 to 12 things going on in their at one time, I decided to determine exactly what could be done to fight for and restore the Republic. So here it goes. This is what I see as the most important issues facing the US right now, what could be done, and why I believe it can not be accomplished. Overall, my doubts as to what can be accomplished has more to do with what I have witnessed over the past 15 years of following politics, and over the past 7 years, where I have been following it with great interest. So without further ado...

To save the Republic.
1) Spending in the United States. Spending must be reduced. Since 2006 spending by the Federal Government has increase 40%. For those that are governmnet educated that's 5 years. What has occurred in the past 5 years, that has necessitated 40% increase in spending? Housing crisis? Banking crisis? Whatever the case may be, there is a very good possibility that we could save the Republic if we could simply undo the spending increases of the last 5 years. All this talk of "spending cuts" is all smoke and mirrors. Cutting 1.2 Trillion dolllars from the next 10 years projected spending excesses of 10 Trillion is like saying, I was planning on gaining 100 pounds over the next 10 years, but instead I will only gain 90 pounds. YAY! We lost 10 pounds!!! Can you see the lunacy in that? if not you are definitely a liberal or an idiot. You pick which one. So when the "debt ceiling" debate was going on, I said, "Call their bluff". There was no default going to happen, but the R's decided it was in their best PR interest to "compromise" and pass the Boehner Plan. A few reps and Senators, tried to hold out, but they were vilified by many on the right, just as they were vilified on the left. From the right, we were told that these people were extremist, hardliners, hobbits, etc. On Facebook, I was told that I supported Obama and Pelosi because I didn't support Boehner's cave. And remember what that "deal" was? It was we will increase the debt ceiling 3 trillion dollars, for 1.2 Trillion in cuts, to be determined by the Super Committee. So what exactly did Boehner gain? Meanwhile the left media decided to act as if just those cuts of 1.2 Trillion were disastrous and it was the Tea Party members of congress, that "held hostage" the deal, and they were to "blame" for the 1.2 Trillion in cuts. Does anyone else see the irony of all of that? The Tea Party members of congress, tried to stop this disastrous bill because it didn't cut enough, and unlike Cut Cap and Balance, which passed through the house with bi-partisan support, had no way of controlling the spending in the future, yet were blamed for the draconian cuts, which were minuscule.

So in conclusion: Reducing spending is the number one thing that could be done to save the Republic, but it will not be cut. Simply cutting 12% of the projected increases over the next 10 years couldn't get done. Republican leaders caved instead of fighting. They had overwhelming support from their constituents to stand firm, yet even with all that support behind them, they negotiated themselves into being blamed for no gains at all. So what makes one believe that they would EVER stand for real cuts? they wont, and eventually the spending will be so high that it is unsustainable, and the economy will collapse under it's own weight.

2) Tax Code- The tax code of the US is currently over 88,000 pages long. Why is it 88K pages long? Because this is where political favors are granted. Laws are written, and in those bills, an exemption for this company (now of course it doesn't say "GE is exempt" it will be a long description of a many different attributes that a certain company would have, or a certain municipality would have), a subsidy for that company, a special exemption for this type of person living in a certain area, or that buy a certain type of product. the list goes on and on. Just as the above spending is out of control, the tax code is another place where power is brokered. This is why in order to save the Republic the current tax code MUST be abolished. It can be replaced with a flat tax (a no exemptions across the board from making 1 dollar a year to making 10 billion dollars per year.), or a consumption tax. (again with no exemptions). I am a proponent of the FairTax, which repeals the 16th Amendment, and replaces ALL taxes with a national retail sales tax. I wont get into it here, but read the FairTax Book by Neal Boortz. Over 30 Million dollars of research has been put into this plan. All nooks and crannies of the pros and cons have been analyzed at length. It is indisputable, although many try to overcome that 30 Million dollars worth of research and 8 years of putting together it together, with a blog post with such esteemed opinions of Hugh Hewitt, who could't grasp that losing a mortgage deduction, when there are NO deductions, would not effect people's individual finances. Anyway. Fair or Flat, 88K pages must go.

So in conclusion: the current tax code is the number 2 issue facing the Republic, yet it stays convoluted because it allows Congress to retain power over the people. Any serious attempt to change it is met with opposition from both sides. It will not be changed. Even Newt 's plan, and Perry's plan for a flat tax is coupled with allowing the current tax plan in place. Why do you think that is? It's to lessen the opposition from the Congress, who can still pick winners and losers based on their backer's needs and wants. Therefore, since the current tax code will remain, the Republic will not be saved.

3) Entitlements- Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid are the real bankrupters of the Republic. None of them are sustainable, and any attempt to reform them is met with fierce opposition, and even the Republicans that would like to reform them, cowl in fear from doing anything. Notice the opposition to Obamacare. Almost to a person, Republicans will say how Obamacare is the slippery slope to socialism, and is a socialist program. Yet if Obamacare is socialist, why is Medicare not socialist? Oh yeah, because it is so entrenched in American society now, that it is not seen as it really is. It is socialized medicine for old people. What people pay in does not equal what they take out. This is socialism, in that the extra that comes out, comes from the general funds (which we then borrow from China), which is also coming from a progressive income tax. I am not for letting old people die, but people should get what they pay for. If there is going to be a program to provide medical care for old people it needs to pay for itself. What one puts in should equal what they take out. A VA type of hospital system could be set up with the funds that have been put in. It would suck as much as the VA system sucks, but it should be available for old folks. You want a socialized type of medical care? That is it. Paying for that, but receiving an A+ best in the world, all measures taken to save and prolong life is not sustainable. Sorry. One's health is their responsibility. Taking the government OUT of the system, would force healthcare providers to compete for business, and the free market would prevail.
     Social Security is broke. It has been broke for about 30 years now. It is a Ponzi scheme, and should be ended completely, but it will not be ended. the folks that have paid all of their life into the system, should get their money back, and it should be ended immediately. I like Herman Cain's plan of the Chilean Model, and also the Galveston Plan. Both of these plans allow private accounts that are owned by the individual. that's better than what we have now, but frankly NONE should be mandatory. Now if the govt, wanted to offer up some sort of long term retirement plan that PAYS FOR ITSELF!!!, then people who are idiots can choose to allow the government to manage it for them. Otherwise, people should be responsible for themselves and their own retirements. There are hundreds of companies that will set up a variety of retirement plans for anyone doing any job, making any amount of money, and if people decide that they will do nothing to take care of their future selves, then frankly they would get exactly what they deserve. Do I want old people to be poor and dead? Well yes, if that was their choice. Medicaid? Also Socialism, and welfare. Should be done away with completely. Does that mean that I want people who are poor to die, because they cant afford medical care? Nope. But they should get their care from a charity, not the government.

In conclusion: The 3rd biggest problem that could be fixed to save the republic, is the reform/elimination of entitlements. Even the word "entitlements" is ridiculous. What makes anyone "entitled" to anything? At most all they should be "entitled" to is their money back from Social Security, whatever their contributions would buy them at a government VA style hospital, and in the case of Medicaid NOTHING. BUT, as you have seen in this presidential election season, all of them oppose doing away with Medicare, and Medicaid, and hold them up as "great programs" (Okay Ron Paul probably wants to get rid of them, but even he said that Medicare part D wouldn't be high on his list to cut.) that shouldn't be hurt. Social Security reform (lead by Herman Cain, and later picked up by first Perry and then Newt) is at best still a government managed program, and nobody says get rid of all of it and let the people actually be responsible for themselves. So if these are the biggest costs for the next 30 years, why are we not going to do anything to fix/eliminate them? Because it is politically unpopular, because even Tea Party darling Michelle Bachman, uses lines like, "obamacare stole 500Billion from Medicare" as if medicare was any different than Obamacare. Nothing will be done to reform the entitlements, they will continue to grow, will continue in it's aiding of healthcare skyrocketing in the US, and will eventually bankrupt the entire country.

4) Immigration- Any country should be able to control who comes in, and who resides in it. We have now come to the point where even Republicans say that we need to forgive their previous illegal actions, and let bygones be bygones, and POOF* 14 million democratic voters. Oh I know, you think that they will support the kindler gentler more diversity loving GOP. Well you are ridiculously stupid itf you think this. These are not political refugees escaping a Communist  country like Cuba, but people leaving a poor country looking for opportunity. That's great but most of these folks (at least the ones I have met and have talked to) are not the people trying to escape a communist country, they are those that would LIKE to live in a communist country. Just because they are socially conservative, does not mean they are fiscally conservative. What has caused California to go dark blue? Too much weed by the surfers? Look at the demographics of California, and the change from the 60's and early 70's Moderately Red state to the bluest of blues. Hmm. I'm not saying I dont want them to immigrate to the US. I want ANYONE, and EVERYONE who wants to come to the US to be able to. Make the system efficient and effective. Make the applicant pay for a full background check and health test. After passing them, they are allowed into the country. After being in the country for 3 years, with no issues, they can become citizens after showing a thorough knowledge of the constitution, a proficiency in the English language, and show gainful employment.

So in conclusion- A huge problem with this country is that in order to pander to certain groups, simple things like "what is legal, and what is illegal" is mushed to conform to political correctness. When such simple issues as this is bent, and caressed into meaning other things, what are we to do?

These are just 4 things that seem to be common sense, and not all that difficult to figure out, yet none of them will be done. If the first 2 were done, than the Republic could survive, but can you HONESTLY say that any one of the 4 will be done? Any of them that the Republicans could fight for? Any sign that the Republicans would ever take a stand on ANYTHING? Could you point to any example where they did? I mean stand for something significant. I can not. And therefore, I do not have any hope that they will. If we keep sending to Washington what we have ALWAYS sent to Washington, we will keep getting what we have always gotten from Washington.

So now that my guy is out, whom to support?

So Cain is out and done for, so who to pull for now?

Perry? I like Perry, and I really was looking forward to him being the nominee. When he got in, my guy was at 6% and not getting any traction. Perry had a great record, looked great, and after having read his book, I was pretty stoked. If my guy couldn't win, I was glad that Rick Perry was going to win. He was strong on state's rights, got out of the way of private businesses, and was all around great conservative candidate. Problem was that Perry actually had to talk, and couldn't just give speeches, put out position papers, and ads. After the first debate, I was worried about him. After the second debate, I wondered, "Where is the guy that wrote, "Fed Up"? After the 3rd "You have no heart" debate, I realized that he was going down in flames before our very eyes. Hmm? Then Bachman, jumped the shark with the ritarded Gardisil kids Mom. oops. In swoops Herman, who unlike all the rest of the folks, has a plan. A simple plan. it is attacked by the left, it is attacked by the right. WHY? Because it represented a fundamental change in the way Washington works. So count out most people in the establishment liking or supporting Herman. That is THEIR POWER, and they weren't gonna let some outsider with a simple tax code that is transparent and hard to tinker with win. But anyway, back to whom to support.
Perry is not going to win, and should probably do the respectable thing and endorse someone and get back to the business of being the best governor in the history of the United States.

Bachman? See Perry. Same goes with Santorum, although frankly his endorsement would only gain the endoresee what? 10 people?
Paul. He definitely is the only one left in the race that has any balls to change anything in DC. Too bad his foreign policy is so ritarded. Actually come to think of it it's  not his foreign policy that is ritarded, but actually his blame America first mentality. A lot like Obama in that. So no, not him either.

Mittens? Probably more conservative that Ronald Reagan and Margret Thatcher combined, but choosing to run in places like Massachusetts, one has to be a pantywaist scumsucking lib to even get the nomination there, let alone win. So who knows what the real Romney is like. He did pretty good at not screwing up the businesses he ran, and used the money he was born into to jump in at the top. So I like that part of him. I could give a shit about his positions on abortion. Romneycare. That's his achilles heel. So easy to shift a la Perry and say, Hey it's what the people of Massachusetts wanted, the legislature supported it, and I signed it. It sucks and was a horrible idea, but that's what you get from crazy libs in the Peoples State of Massachusetts. But instead it's the hill he wants to die on. Politically ritarded. How about a nice blanket statement from Mittens? "To all those people out there that would not vote for me, due to my ever shifting beliefs and positions: I am a fiscal, social, and defense conservative. I had to say those things before to fool the people of Massachussetts because they are idiots, easily fooled, and wont be voting for the Republican Nominee even if it's me, so fuck them. I'm with you, I've always been with you." The regular Mittens supporters would continue to support him, and the other 75% maybe he picks up 10% of them, and poof* he has enough to win. But he wont do that. No Bullworth moment from him.

Which leaves us with Newt. I like Newt, and thought he would make a good VP for Herman Cain. He is an asshole, and knows his way around the smoke filled back rooms of DC. That's what is needed there, in the position of VP. Now I am supposed to ignore the fact that of all the candidates, HE is THE most inside the beltway candidate, and even when he was out of office, he basically was there with his hand out smoozing and peddling influence for the likes of Fannie and Freddie, and now Medicare Part D. A million here, and a million there, for "consulting". Really? I guess some will buy that load of shit. Whatever. That's the way things work up there. Influence and power are the most valuable commodity in DC, and Newt had the connections, with the right, so companies on the left used him to get their support. Sure, it would be fun to see Newt battle in a debate. But the lingering question remains. Ask 100 people from around this country about the years from 1995-2000. Ask them about the budget "surplus". Ask them about the Clinton Lewisnky thing. Ask them about the economy prior to the bubble bursting. Ask them about the government shutdown. Then ask them who was to blame, and ask them why the economy was good. I bet at least 70% of people would tell you that Clinton was good, and responsible for the good economy and the budget surplus, and Newt was bad and to blame for Lewinskygate witchhunt, and  the government shutdown. newt always got the blame, and Clinton always got the credit. Why? Because the media framed it that way. You dont think they can do the same thing? They already did a pretty good job at blaming the recession on Bush, and letting Pelosi's takeover in 2006 and the rapid decline of the economy, and the increase in spending by 40% since, slide.

So... whom will I support for the nomination for the GOP for President of the United States of America? Who knows, and frankly you should not give a fuck as to whom I would support. Do your own research, come to your own conclusions and vote for the candidate that best represents YOUR beliefs, not the opinions of talking heads on TV, radio talk show hosts, or a loud mouth like myself, but take a bit of advice for me; Chose FOR someone, not against someone, nor for "the person most likely to beat Obama". It is so much more exhilarating to be FOR someone, than it will ever be to be against someone.

Ragnar Danneskjöld
Supporter of  Herman Cain for President, until such time that he officially withdraws from the race.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Herman Cain- You cant beat a winner

Now that Herman Cain is the frontrunner for the GOP nomination, the attacks have begun in earnest. From the left, and from the right, every move that Herman has done in the last 65 years will be scrutinized, not for the truth, but for ways of making it look bad for him. The latest is a sexual harassment allegation from 12 years ago. Apparently a few women accused Herman of sexually harassing them, and investigation was done, no wrongdoing was ever found, and these women left the company. They received some sort of settlement, which if you've ever worked for a large business, in fact if you even know anyone who has worked for a large business, "go away" money is sometimes given to these disgruntled ex-employees. Why? Because it is easier to give these people a little cash with the  understanding (legally binding) that they will slink off and shut the hell up, rather than go through a court case, exposing the company to bad publicity. Even when a company wins one of these cases, the publicity associated with it will hurt the company more than just paying the people to go away. I myself have been accused of both sexual harassment, and Racial harassment. Neither of the cases had any merits at all, and as far as the racial harassment, it was totally bogus. Not one shred of evidence, and the incident was 100% made up. never happened. In both cases, a "settlement" was reached and they slimed away to their holes. Now what if Herman Cain had sexually harassed these two women? I've seen a few cases like that in my life. You know what those "settlements" cost the company? one was 1.1 million, and the other was 455 thousand dollars. When plaintiffs really have a case, they get paid, and they get paid big. Not 5 figures.

But this is only the first of what will be many stories that will be dredged up by the left to discredit Cain. Nobody scares the left like Herman Cain. He shakes the very core foundation of what a black person in this country should act like, and should think like. Black people think like Barack Obama, Al Sharpton, Cornell West, Harry Belefonte, and they act like Jessie Jackson, Whoopi Goldberg, Kanye West, and John Lewis. Black conservatives scare the shit out of the mainstream blacks and the liberal whites who use the mainstream blacks to keep their power base. And here is Herman Cain, a likable, charismatic, intelligent, conservative black person who rose above his station in life without the need of affirmative action, welfare, or political favoritism as a minority. His very being is an athema to what they say is and is not possible in the US.

So it's gonna be bad. It's gonna be ugly. It's gonna make what Sarah Palin, who was also targeted for very much the same reason, went through look like child's play. It will be vicous, and vile, and at times it will seem that Herman will have finally gotten so much abuse that he could no longer continue.

But he hill continue, and he will win. Why? Because that's all he's ever done. He was told he couldn't go to the University of Georgia (not sure why anyone would want to go to UGA but anyway, might be my Carolina bias coming through), nor GA Tech, because he was the wrong color. So he went to Morehouse, and succeeded. He was told that he couldn't make 20K a year, but accomplished this goal coming out of Purdue University working for the Department of the Navy on missile guidance computers. Yeah that "stupid person" as some would have us believe is a real life rocket scientist, and his salary was 20,001 dollars per year. He was told that the inner city of Philadelphia Burger King chain was beyond hope, and that there was any salvaging it. They could just close those units and move into the more profitable suburbs, but he turned them around and made them profitable. He was told that the delivery pizza market was dominated by competitors, and that Godfather's Pizza was going to have to file for Bankruptcy protection, but he turned that company around to profitability. Then he bought the company. Then he sold that company for a profit.
In 2007 he was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, and had a 70% chance of dying. It spread to his liver, and the chances decreased even more, but he beat it. And that is my point. Herman Cain has been attacked his entire life. By those that would hold him back because of his color. He ignored them and succeeded anyway. By those limiting self beliefs of his family fo making the lofty sum of 20K per year, but he didn't see that as an obstacle, just another hurdle to overcome. He didn't listen to the naysayers that said a business was hopeless and should be scrapped, but instead made it profitable despite the economy, despite the odds, despite the prevailing wisdom, because failing is what losers do. And when the doctors were telling him to get his affairs in order, that his chances for survival were slim, he didn't listen to them. He found the best doctors in the country, sought a solution to his problem and won the biggest battle of his life.

So as these attacks continue, and escalate, and they will, remember that this is a man, who does bend to the wills of others,he makes them bend to his. He does not shy away from a fight, he fights them and wins them. Cause that's what winners do.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Why I support Herman Cain for President of the United States- Part I

Why I support Herman Cain for President of the United States-

First let me tell you that I am biased. Anyone that tells you that they support a candidate, but will remain unbiased is either lying or they are delusional. I love Herman. I will defend him personally and politically. I will TRY to be as objective as possible, but like I said, that may be impossible. I will attempt to be as even keeled as I can be under the circumstances. Those that have read my other posts about Herman know that I do call out the stupid things that he does, but I WILL defend the good things that he does. So without more ado.Reasons why I support Herman Cain-

1)999 Plan- I am a FairTax guy. I had written an “argument” for a National Sales Tax in 1994 for a logic and critical thinking class, and was arrogant ( I know! Me? ) enough to think that I invented the idea. My thought was, it sure does take a lot of time to do this tax return,(1040 EZ man how I wish I could just do one of those now) and what about all the illegal people, I was thinking specifically of drug dealers at the time, that don’t pay any taxes on all the money they make. I have been a supporter of a National Retail Sales tax since I “invented” it almost 20 years ago. When I wrote my argument long ago, I had no idea about “imbedded taxes”, payroll taxes, estate taxes, or corporate taxes. My argument was strictly to replace the individual income tax with a NRST. That’s it. My goal was to eliminate the loophole of drug dealers, and other organized crime people of not paying any taxes. I had not come to the conclusion yet that a tax on one’s production is parallel to stealing.
So when I first heard of the FairTax, I was beyond excited. I suddenly learned that in every single item one purchases, are the taxes that the manufacturer, salespeople, transportation, and everyone else involved in making that item, till when I purchased the item, paid. I also learned that corporations and other businesses do not “pay” taxes at all, but simply “collect” taxes by putting that as a cost in the good or service, and passing it on to the consumer. Ultimately, only people pay taxes. I also learned that because of the corporate taxes that a corporation had to put into the price of their goods or service, that eventually it became more cost efficient to make said items or services in a country that had lower corporate taxes. Hence, businesses moved their manufacturing to a different country. (Also federal regulations and more importantly government payroll taxes makes labor even more expensive, so by moving out of country suddenly a 13.5% reduction in cost is felt). The other benefits of the FairTax, is that since capital gains are not taxed, people from other countries as well as the US, can “invest” in companies through the stock market tax free. Can you imagine the influx of capital into the US stock market, if all “profits” were felt tax free? It could (and the 45Million in research that has gone into the FairTax has shown) that the stock market “market cap” (total amount invested) would triple in 7 years. That my friends is a lot of expanding business, meaning more jobs here, meaning more consumers here, meaning more revenues here. Easy enough to understand?
So that is the elimination of the corporate income taxes, now the elimination of personal income taxes. Every April 15th we have to report to the federal government not only how much money we’ve earned, but also where we earned it, how we earned it, which charities we’ve given donations to, how many children we have, how much we spent, and what we spent it on in the conduction of earning the money, how far we’ve driven, and even if we’ve lost or won money gambling. ARE YOU EFFING SERIOUS!!! Can there be anything more invasive of one’s privacy short of a gynecological or prostrate exam? But the Federal Government apparently has the need to know exactly all of this information to make sure that you pay exactly your “fair share”. The FairTax eliminates all of this intrusion. The only personal information one has to provide is how many people under a certain age live in a household. This is for something called a “prebate” which I’m not a big fan of, but it does make sense that one should be able to provide the basic needs to their family BEFORE paying the government. Like I said, I would make it straight, no chaser, but understand that this was put in to ward off the “it’ll hurt the poor” charges. The “prebate” does that, but it still doesn’t stop the “it’ll hurt the poor” charges. By eliminating the corporate tax and the payroll taxes, businesses’ costs go down by that much. The costs of goods to the consumer would naturally go down because of competition. (Sure the corporations would love to keep all that extra profit, but company b will accept a little less, lower their prices, and the war is on. I could get into the 23% tax on the goods, but it’s been covered plenty of times. I can do that in another piece, and for now I just wanted to express that I AM A FAIRTAX GUY! If I were to choose one single thing that I would change about the US, it would be to eliminate all taxes, and put in the FairTax. I believe it to be an economic producer the likes that have never been seen in the US.
SO… What’s this have to do with Herman Cain, and the 999 Plan? Herman has answered a lot of the main criticism of the FairTax with his plan.

PART I- THE 9-9-9 Plan

1) 9% corporate income taxes

a) Eliminates corporate tax subsidies

b) Lowers Corporate tax rates from the low of 15% to the high of 35% to 9%

c) Calculations are done on gross income minus expenses- Dividends paid (net income) This last part “minus the Dividends paid” is very important. Currently Dividends (profit issued per share to the shareholder) are taxed on the corporate level, AND THEN taxed again as income to the individual taxpayer. This eliminates double taxation of the same money

d) Makes tax prep for corporations and businesses 1% of what they are now. I use to recruit for corporate tax people. There are people that get Masters Degrees in Taxation. The tax code is so complicated; Home Depot (one of my former clients) had a staff of over 140 people whose sole purpose was corporate taxes. I could run down the list of different taxes, but let’s just say it’s a highly specialized field. Want to know the biggest geeks in the world? Corporate tax accountant, who can rattle on about a FAS109 as if it were the most fascinating movie you’ve ever seen. My point? The average salary of one of these people at Home Depot (not the best payer in terms of actual salary of my old clients) was 70K. The Tax Director? 350K (plus bonus) All of these little nerds counting this transaction, that sale, this asset, that asset’s depreciation, etc. and for what? To come up with the final tax bill owed by Home Depot. And this is not all. On top of Home Depot’s regular “tax department” they also have Delloite and Touche to come in and independently audit all that work. Millions of dollars, every year, just to count the amount of money to give to the government. With the 9-9-9 plan, the standard accounting department that already is in place sends out the “we made this much in gross income, we paid this much in dividends, and we invested this much in the company. It’s called a 10-K and a 10-Q and every corporation has to do them. Already in place. Poof! Millions of dollars saved by the company, more profit to shareholders, more money to invest in expansion. And don’t worry about all the tax people out of a job. They can use their talents on financial analysis to grow the business even more.

e) Corporations that currently are skating (GE) will not skate anymore. They will pay the same as the Waffle House. 9%

2) 9% Personal income taxes

a) Pretty simple. I make 100K per year. I give 10% to my church, making my tax liability 90K. My tax to the government is 8100 dollars. Stroke the check. If I have to explain why this is better than the current tax code then there really isn’t any hope for you. Personally I disagree with the deduction for charitable giving, not because I want to hurt charities, but because I like the simplicity of, I make 100K, my tax bill is 9K. My income is 40K, my tax bill is 3600. My income is 20K, my tax bill is 1800. My name is Alex Rodriguez, my salary is 32M, and my tax bill is 2,880,000. Simple, easy, no cheating, no whining. Just pay your “fair share” (Doesn’t that phrase make your teeth itch?)

b) Not only will this save people in actual taxes paid, but like Home Depot, people can all do this “return” themselves. I personally would save over a grand in expenses paid to an accountant. If I were to try to do my taxes now, it not only would take me weeks, but I’m sure I would screw it up. I can understand my own business and most of the taxes, I’m expected to pay, what I can and cannot deduct, etc, but my wife’s family has a “partnership” in which we are shareholders. I have NO CLUE, how to account for all of that stuff. It’s a whole other section of the 86,000+ page tax code. Am I supposed to become a tax attorney /accountant, just so I don’t screw this stuff up, and end up in jail?

c) Yes I wish there were no income taxes at all, and it was replaced totally by the FairTax. This 9-9-9 is a bridge, to that final goal, and it is SO FAR removed from the current tax code, it’s worth the wait to get to the final goal.

3) 9% National Retail Sales Tax

a) This is the one that folks seem to be focused on as the biggest problem to the plan.

1. By instilling a “new tax” such as the National Sales Tax the Democrats (and republicans) can just crank this percentage up whenever they feel the need. Why yes they can do this but would they? They already do this. All this “corporate jets tax breaks” stuff that Obama wants to get rid of, and that the Republicans want to keep. Did any of you know about that being in the stimulus plan? All the little breaks that are given out to this company, but not that company are bullshit. And they throw these little nuggets in other non-related bills. The best thing I can say to those that say are afraid of keeping the income tax, WHILE installing a new tax is this:

IF the 9-9-9 plan is written, (and I’ve heard Herman say this on radio, but can’t find it in print) to require a 2/3 majority in the Senate to raise the 9% National Sales Tax Rate, or the 9% personal or 9%corporate rate, OR change any provisions in the 9-9-9 plan i.e. “People that buy Low emission vehicles get to write off that purchase from their gross income”, would that quell some of your reservations? The beauty of the 9-9-9 Plan is the simplicity, not only as it is simple to the people to understand it. Come on, a government educated 6th grader could understand it; Democrats will find it a little tougher. Currently as explained above, congress throws little taxes (gas tax anyone) into lots of things, gives incentives (EV vehicles, Energy efficient windows tax credits anyone?) to modify personal behaviors, and they go by virtually unnoticed by people. WHY? Because the tax code is so huge, and complex, that it is easily done. So the argument that, “Congress can just increase the 9-9-9 plan to the 13-13-13- plan, or the 40-40-40- plan” is really moot. Yes, they CAN do that (preferably with a 2/3rds majority vote in the Senate and House), but unlike now, where they can slip little provisions, favors, pick winners and losers in businesses, exempt this sort of income, tax that sort of product more, etc, when the Congress says, We want to change the 9% sales tax rate to 10%, It will be noticed. Like a turd in the punchbowl, it will stand out there, as obvious, and the people can let their representatives and Senators know that they do not want to pay 10% in income or sales tax or corporate taxes. Can you see the brilliance of this? It is transparent. Take a crap in a forest with fall leaves all over the place, and the turd is easily missed, but take a crap in the middle of a white sheet lying on the ground, and it’s easily seen and combated.

So in conclusion, although I understand your distrust of the government in putting in a new tax, with the proper restraint of a 2/3rds majority needed to raise it, or complicate it, coupled with the transparency that the simplicity of it allows us to monitor any messing around of the rates and terms, I believe it to be a MONUMENTAL improvement over our current taxation system.

2. It puts in place the system for a full transfer to the FairTax, which eliminates the corporate taxes, and the individual income tax, thereby ending the involuntary taxation upon the production of an individual, and moves it to a voluntary system based on one’s consumption, eliminating the personal invasion of privacy of the personal income tax. As I mentioned earlier, most states, counties and cities already have a sales tax, and merchants already collect the tax, and pass them on to the county and the state. This system is largely in place already, and it is simply a matter of collecting the 9% (later 23% for the FairTax) and passing it to the states, to pass to the Feds.

3. One objection that I want to address specifically is The federal government has no authority over state and local taxes, which is the fatal flaw in the FairTax, and that without a Constitutional amendment the states can successfully sue to stop Cain's second "9."

I believe you are confused as to what the FairTax Plan and the 9-9-9 plan does. Neither affects what states collect, or how they collect revenue. Both only affect Federal taxes, not state taxes. As far as the Federal Government not able to tax consumption, actually they tax consumption already. Booze, Cigs, and gas are already taxed at the consumer level, and collected by the retailer. Now in regards to the actual FairTax plan, it would only be implemented AFTER the repeal of the 16thAmendment. Hope this cleared this up for you Michael. Sorry your friend would lose business as a Tax accountant, and tax liability negotiator, but pretty obvious why he would be against a plan that put him out of business. Perhaps he could use his Master of Taxation, and do M&A work, and make money off of businesses working, instead of manipulating a broken system.

So there you go. Part I in the Reasons I support Herman Cain, the 9-9-9 Plan. I hope I’ve answered some of the concerns about the plan. No matter what plan we have, if entitlements are not reformed, or eliminated, and spending isn’t cut, then we are doomed anyway, and that’s why tomorrow’s segment will be on Social Security Reform

Friday, September 23, 2011

GOP debate grades and recap 9/22/2011

Debate recap and analysis 9/22/2011
So Fox news and Google had a debate. Decided to let Gary Johnson back in. ANd without further ado. Let the snarkiness begin.

Think I will go in reverse alphabetical order this time for a change.
Santorum- Forgot to include him in the last debate recap, and wasn't intintional. Last night he was horrible. I cant remember a single good line from him. At least the previous debates his mission was to make Ron Paul's foreign policy look as ridiculous as it is. This time, had non of that. Seems like this Rick is just angry. Is there anything about him that doesn't scream, "I'm a better looking John McCain!"? He's a hawk on foreign policy, crazy bible thumper on social issues. (I for one was appalled by the audience booing the gay soldier.) and still further appalled by Santurum's lame ass answers on it. Go away Rick. There is no chance in hell you get this nomination, and ALSO no chance in hell you get the VP nod. Drop out and endorse somebody in return for Labor Secretary or something, but just get the hell off this stage. GRADE-D

Mittens- This man looks like the President of the United States should look. He answers questions in a manner the President of the United States should answer. However, he is so fucking wrong on Social Security, I'd still rather have Ron Paul as President (not nominee) than this fuckstick. If one cant be honest about Social Security (no way Mittens really believes the bullshit that he is spouting about how it's a good thing for seniors, etc. Man is too smart to actually believe that. So what's he do? Does he back Perry who has the balls to say that the shit is a fraud (as does Paul and Cain)? No! He pusses out. The GOP could do a world of good by exposing SS for what it is, yet this douchebag sees it as his ticket to score against Perry. Fuck you Mittens, you're a damned Eddie Haskell if I've ever seen one. Having said all that. He kicked everyone but One's ass in the debate, will probably retake the lead in the polls. GRADE-A

Perry- Okay governor, I realize you have a state to run, but you need to take a step back and decide if you want to be President of the United States or not. You made a fool out of yourself last night. After watching it (I listed first), you were horrible. You seemed disinterested at times, and confused at others. You had prepared lines against Mittens but flubbed them like a 8 year old who is made to be a tree in the school play. Immigration is a disaster for you. You better come up with a NATIONAL plan, and forget what the hell you've done in Texas. Obviously if there are a lot of illegals in Texas, then what you've done sucks. I realize the position you are in, but you need to make a pivot. Watch Romney, how he dismisses what Romneycare is and what Obamacare is. He is good at deflecting Romneycare as a state program. Do the same with immigration. What's good for Texas is not good for the US on the whole. You have to win the GOP nom before you start courting those Latino voters Gov! You are the anti-Romney. Most of the right answers, and no way to verbalize them without sounding like a Rube. GRADE-D (This may have been your high point in the campaign, which is sad. I like you, but the first debate we were like, "Meh, he's new to debates. Second debate we were like, "Meh he was off fighting fires, and although he didn't WIN, he held his own, and now I'm like, DUDE!!! YOU ARE BLOWING IT!!! GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR ASS UNLESS YOU WANT TO BE BEGGING PRESIDENT ROMNEY FOR SOME FUNDS TO SEND THOSE ILLEGALS TO U of TEXAS!

Paul- Guess he has better meds this week. The good Ron Paul showed up to this debate, and he knocked it out of the park a lot in substance. Still is a horrible presenter, and I noticed that he always seems like he's whining. Sounds like Dante in "Clerks", I'm not supposed to be here today. Problem for RP, is that he was overshadowed in the debate by others. No answers have stuck with me 6 hours later. But maybe that's a good thing for him, since there is no, "Iran should be able to have nukes answer" stuck in there. RP=treading water. GRADE-C

Gary Johnson- I like him. He's like the younger, better looking, more sane version of Ron Paul. His best line was the I started a home improvement company, grew it to over a thousand employees, and have only run for one office 2 times. That's actually pretty awesome. He should be playing up that aspect of his career more. Basically, he is Herman Cain that won an election. He is a much more welcome addition to the stage than other 1%ers Huntsman, Santorum, and soon to be Bachman. GRADE:C

Huntsman- There you go again. Best tweet I saw last night was, "Huntsman looks and sounds like he is made up of Romney's spare parts". I could go on about how this man has the worst jokes, the worst choice in ties, and such, but I'll just say he was pretty good on Foreign policy, horrible on the rest, and his best contribution was choosing Herman as his hypothetical running mate. Maybe to show he wasn't racist!!!

Newt- Another winning debate performance by Newt. He has no equal in these things. If only he could run a campaign, and the PR side of his image, and quit leaving sick wife's for new bimbos this man would be unbeatable. I cant think of one time, he has been stymied by a question. He answers all of them the best, with the correct ideology. Unbelievable! Unemployment 99 week answer was great. Foreign policy was great. Newt wins the debate if the only criteria is answers given. I said a few weeks back, that if there was going to be a McCainesque comeback by anyone, it will be Newt. His slow and steady rise in the polls are making my prediction a reality. Many people think he cant win the general because he is vilified by the press. That's the exact same thing the press tried to do to Reagan, but exactly like Reagan, Newt talks over the media's head straight to the people. Put him on stage debating Obama (Hillary in my opinion will run and beat Obama in the Dem primary, but I digress) and he mops the floor with him, and those negatives go down. IDEAS!!!! RECORD OF SUCCESS!! These are the cornerstones of Newt winning the general. Unemployment above 9%, debt gone crazy, and two ideological opposites on a debate stage? You're gonna have a lot of people that say, "I may hate Newt, but he is right, and that other fucker has no clue. GRADE-A

Herman Cain- (I am a fervent Herman Cain supporter just FYI, but try to be fair) Herman won the debate!!!!! And no this isn't a PaulBot (Cainiac) opinion, it is the opinion of most people that watched the debate and a majority that were in the audience. Cain was applauded in the room before he even opened his mouth. It was HIS crowd, and he performed. His answers were top notch, and were the best amongst those not named Newt. His only weak answer was foreign policy and Israel, and it wasn't bad, just not shiny and pretty like all the rest. Herman has "it". And if you've ever been around rockstars you understand what I'm talking about. Some people have a natural ability to make people like them when they meet them. Bill Clinton had this quality. Sarah Palin has this quality. Paul Stanley of KISS has this quality. (saw this in action once, and I was floored) Within seconds people like them, want to be around them, and what to listen to them. Herman finally (last one was okay too) hit some home runs. Took a jab at Mittens, and frankly his 999 plan is awesome. He explained his economic vision in less than 90 seconds. Ron Paul cant spit out "cant afford these wars, THE FED!!!, and unconstitutional" in less than 90 seconds. I love the FairTax, and this 999 plan is the perfect segue to the FairTax. Anyway. Back to the debate. Herman won. No contest. Not even Mittens looked as poised, confident, or ready for last night's debate. If Herman ever gets above 10% in the polls, watch out. He will then start looking like a legitimate contender, and will get the money that goes with that, and the more people know Herman, the more people will be Herman supporters. Who were the VP choices by those that decided to play the hypothetical game last night? Herman and Newt. Only Johnson chose someone different, and it was fellow Libertarian Ron Paul. GRADE A

Michelle Bachman- Yawn- Okay Bachman was good on the border fence thing. Otherwise she was as relevant as Thad McCotter. Just judging the debate, she seems desperate, trying to cut in a few times to make points that weren't points. Cuba?!?! Really? I listened once, and watched again, and nothing else stands out except her lying about the "mystery 'mentally retarded gardisil' Lady" again. Try to salvage campaign with a mea culpe or double down on batshit crazy? I'll double down on batchit crazy Alex!! GRADE:F as in Fuck off, and dont come to the next debate. All you do is push Romney closer to the nomination.

SO in order from Awesome to Awful-
Just so you know I'm not just a rah rah Cainiac. Others agree with my Cain won bit.
2. Newt- He and Herman will largely get ignored by the media as they continue on their Perry v.Romney storyline, but those that watched the debate will know who the real winners were and they were the GA Boys.
3.Romney- Dislike the guy, but he is the anti-Perry in polish, and poise.
4. Paul- Only have the crazy as usual, so a good job for him. Still whiny though.
5. Johnson- Dont know why he's in this position except the others sucked more than he did.
6,7,8,9 Huntsman, Perry, Bachman, and Santorum. All sucked. All will go down in the polls (if it is possible to get lower than Santorum and Huntsman, I have no idea, but they may have lost the last bit of their families that supported them until today) Perry is biggest loser. Get some sleep, take some uppers, do something. But you've seemed tired, disinterested and a bumbling idiot for 2 debates now. 3 strikes and you're out pal. Bachman. Go home and make your husband a sammich. The only good thing you did tonight is not remind us how you were a tax attorney for the bad guys.

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The most hilariously offensive piece ever written- PJ O'Roarke

Foreigners Around the World
A Brief Survey of the Various Foreigners,
Their Chief Characteristics,
Customs, and Manners
by P.J. O'Rourke

Racial Characteristics:
Probably not people at all. Probably some kind of monkey. They eat each other and worship bundles of sticks and mud. You can never remember the names of their countries, which have a new Main ****** every half hour and too many snakes and bugs anyway. They eat those, too. They put bones in their noses and wear plants for clothes.

Good Points:
Don't feel pain the way we do.

Proper Forms of Address:
Jig, coon, fishmouth, soot-back, ****skin, boy.

Two Anecdotes Illustrating Something of the Negro Character:
A traveling cattle barterer asks to stay the night at a root gatherer's hut. The root gatherer agrees but says the cattle barterer will have to sleep with the root gatherer's daughter. The cattle barterer goes to get onto the mat with the root gatherer's daughter and sees that she's very dead, so he spends all night eating her. In the morning, the root gatherer asks the traveling cattle barterer how he liked sleeping with his daughter. "She was wonderful," says the cattle barterer, especially those delicious maggots in her mouth."
"Those weren't maggots," says the root gatherer, "those were just some grains of rice. She's only been dead since yesterday."

Then there was an African pervert who ate women before they were cooked.

Racial Characteristics:
Wear bed sheets and put bags over their women's heads. They burp and fart during meals and wash themselves in sand. They bugger little boys and practice some stupid religion that they're trying to get all our Negroes to believe in. Disorderly cowards when they have to fight anyone else, they nonetheless quite courageously murder each other and chop off people's hands for littering. They plant bombs everywhere they go and own all the earth's oil, which is why you can't buy high-test if you're wearing a yarmulke. They hate Jews because Jews are the only people in the world with noses uglier than their own, and they're cornering the Cadillac market so that the Hebes will have to drive Buicks.

Good Points:
If they had any country clubs, they wouldn't let Jews in.

Proper Forms of Address:
Camel jockey, tent-head, soggy Arabian, desert Irish, gas-***.

An Anecdote Illustrating Something of the Arab Character:
During the Yom Kippur War, Syrian armored units were preparing to charge several fortified positions in the Golan Heights when the Israelis canceled their credit rating.

Racial Characteristics:
Violently loud alcoholic roughnecks whose idea of fun is to throw up on your car. The national sport is breaking furniture and the average daily consumption of beer in Sydney is ten and three quarters Imperial gallons for children under the age of nine. "Making a Shambles" is required study in the primary schools and all Australians are bilingual, speaking both English and Sheep. Possibly as a result of their country's being upside down, the local dialect has over 400 terms for vomit. These include "technicolor yawn" "talking to the toilet," "round-trip meal ticket," and "singing lunch." It is illegal to employ the aboriginal inhabitants as anything but toilets, and some of the peculiar forms of native wildlife have up to nine assholes. The recent destruction of Darwin by a hurricane was actually a cover story for the regrettable coincidence of paydays on three separate sheep stations.

Good Points:
Amusing zoos.

Proper Forms of Address:
Steady there, Cool off, For Christ's sake-not in the sink, Stay back, I've got a gun!

An Anecdote Illustrating Something of the Australian Character:
An Australian fellow asks his girl friend to fight, but she says she doesn't want to because she isn't feeling well.
"Whatta ya mean, not feeling well?" he says.
"You know," she says, "I've got my time of the month."
"Whatta ya mean, time of the month?" he says.
"You know," she says, "I've got my period."
"Whatta ya mean, period?" he says.
"You know," she says, "I'm bleeding down here." And she opens up her pants to show him.
"Jesus," he says, "no wonder you're bleeding! They've gone and cut your **** off!"

Racial Characteristics:
Hard to tell a Canadian from an extremely boring regular white person unless he's dressed to go outdoors. Very little is known of the Canadian country since it is rarely visited by anyone but the Queen and illiterate sport fishermen. It is thought to resemble a sort of arctic Nebraska. It's reported that Canadians keep pet French people. If true, this is their only interesting trait. At any rate, they are apparently able to train Frenchmen to play hockey, which is more than any European has ever been able to do.

Good Points:
Still have plenty of Indians to abuse.

Proper Forms of Address:
Bud, mac, mister, hey you.

Some Examples of Canadian Repartee:
Two Canadians are talking in a bar. One Canadian says, "Who was that lady I saw you with last night?"
"That was my wife." replies the other.

A lady is shopping in a Toronto drugstore and accidentally leaves the bottle of aspirins that she bought on the counter. She gets on a bus and the minute the bus has pulled away from the curb remembers leaving her purchase behind. "My aspirins! My aspirins!" she yells.
And the bus driver says, "Maybe you left them in the drugstore."

A little Canadian boy named Johnny ****erfaster is screwing a little girl under the porch of his house. His mother comes out the door and yells for him, "Johnny! Johnny ****erfaster!"
"I'll be there in a minute," he says.

Racial Characteristics:
Hordes of incomprehensible rat-eaters with a peculiar political philosophy and a dangerous penchant for narcotic drugs. No one can possibly know what dark and grotesque things pass through the minds of this hydraheaded racial anomaly which is, after all, more like a monstrous colony of flesh-crazed carpenter ants than a nation of rational men. Only a fool would deal with two-legged insects ..such as these. Our only hope is that the farsighted leaders of our own land Will join with those of at least nominally Caucasian Soviet Russia and that together they will treat us to the welcome spectacle of a thermonuclear obliteration of this yellow menace.

Good Points:
They're almost as far away as it's possible to be.

Proper Forms of Address:
Zipper head, Chink, slant, ching-chong Chinaman, yellow peril.

An Anecdote Illustrating Something of the Chinese Character:
Nine hundred million Chinese walk into a bar. They order a beer, pay up, and then just sit there, sipping their drinks, not saying a word. Finally, the bartender can't stand it anymore. "We don't see many Chinese in here," he says.
"And with this atmosphere of hedonistic individualism capitalistically exploiting the labor of the masses and wasting the people's agricultural resources," say the Chinese, "you won't see many more."

Racial Characteristics:
Cold-blooded queers with nasty complexions and terrible teeth who once conquered half the world but still haven't figured out central heating. They warm their beers and chill their baths and boil all their food, including bread. An intensely snobbish group, but who exactly they're snubbing is an international mystery. Lately they've been getting their comeuppance world power-wise, as their shabby, antiquated, and bankrupt little back alley of a country slowly winds down like the ill-crafted clockwork playthings of which their undersized children are so fond. In fact, last year their entire government had to kiss the *** of the fat aboriginal nig-nog who runs Uganda to retrieve a single flit hack writer from the clutches of that august nation. They all have large collections of something useless like lamp finials or toad eggs, and they would have lost both world wars if it were not for us. They like to be spanked with canes and that's just what they deserve.

Good Points:
It's relatively easy to make yourself understood with them.

Proper Forms of Address:
Limey, lime-eater, pom, poof, sister-boy.

An Anecdote Illustrating Something of the English Character:
In his unpublished memoirs, Benjamin Disraeli tells the story of a political conference with then-Prime Minister William Gladstone, who habitually conducted such private discussions while being fellated by an able-bodied seaman of the Royal Navy. At one point during their talk, the sailor suddenly looked up from Gladstone's ***** and said, "Excuse me, Sir, but you've come."
"By Jove, so I have," said Gladstone, and he gave the tar a sovereign.

Racial Characteristics:
Sawed-off sissies who eat snails and slugs and cheese that smells like people's feet. They take filthy pictures of each other with cheap cameras, wash nothing but their ****s, fight with their feet, and perform sex acts with their faces. Utter cowards who force their own children to drink wine, they gibber like baboons even when you try to speak to them in their own wimpy language.

Good Points:
Invented the blowjob.

Proper Forms of Address:
Froggy, froggy-wog, frog-eater, French-lips, Franco ****-face, clit-lick.

An Anecdote Illustrating Something of the French Character:
A Frenchman goes home with his best friend and they find the friend's wife laying naked on the dining room table with her legs spread apart. The Frenchman takes a close look at her **** and says, "Zees looks like zee menstrual blood!" Then he bends down, takes a deep whiff, and says, "Zees smells like zee menstrual blood!" Finally he gets down on his knees, eats her out for about twenty minutes, and says, "Zees tastes like zee menstrual blood! Without a doubt, it eez zee menstrual blood! Mon dieu, I am glad zat we did not **** her!!"

Racial Characteristics:
Piggish-looking, sadomasochistic automatons whose only known forms of relaxation are swilling watery beer from vast tubs and singing the idiotically repetitive verses of their porcine folk tune-both of which amusements probably hark back to a prehuman state. Germans have never been successfully Christianized. Their language lacks any semblance of civilized speech. Their usual diet consists almost wholly of old cabbage and sections of animal intestines filled with blood and gore. Once every two or three decades, they set forth, lemming-like, on pointless military adventures during which great numbers of them are slaughtered-much to the improvement Of the world in general. Their lardy women have long, tangled masses of sticky hair under their arms, and the men shave the sides of their heads.

Good Points:
Kill a lot of French.

Proper Form of Address:
Kraut, Hun, Heiny, spike-head, sausage-breath.

A German Joke of the War Years Illustrating Something of the German Character:
If your sister married a Jew-that will make you sauerkraut.
If your son married a Jew-that will make you bratwurst.
If your mother married a Jew-that will make you soap.

Racial Characteristics:
Degenerate, dirty, and impoverished descendants of a bunch of la-de-da fruit salads who invented democracy and then forgot how to use it while walking around dressed up like girls. Today they bugger sheep and are engaged in an international campaign to take over all the world's small, filthy grocery stores. They eat the insides out of goats with their fingers. Their toilets are mere holes in the floor And they cringe at the least threat from the imbecilic, taffy-yanking Turks next door.

Good Points:
Cute alphabet.

Proper Forms of Address:
Feda-face, sheep dip, dog fashion, GeekoEuropean, eek-a-Greek!

An Anecdote Illustrating Something of the Greek Character:
An ignorant peasant girl marries a man who's been in the Greek navy for twenty years. After their third anniversary, her mother starts to worry because the girl still isn't pregnant. "Why are you not with child, daughter?" she asks. "Does not your husband make the love to you?"
"Of course:' says the girl, blushing deeply, "but ... but ... to tell the truth, Mother, I just can't keep from ****ting afterwards."

Racial Characteristics:
Dismal, obsequious demi******s whose gods have too many arms and legs and about whom entirely too many articles have appeared in the Sunday New York Times Magazine. They wrap their heads in towels and wipe their asses with their hands. They are unable to feed themselves and what food they do have tastes as if it was mixed with the offal from muskrat dens. Their culture is moribund, their politics dictatory, their economy stagnant, their skins sebaceous, and their social order loathsome to the minds of decent men everywhere. 'Sub-' is no idle prefix in its application to this continent.

Good Points:
Dirty statues.

Proper Forms of Address:
Wog, towel head, curry-dipper, human refuse.

Three Important Questions Concerning the Future of India:
What do you feed 563,490,000 Indians when you only have 300 pounds of wheat?
What's the difference between an Indian toddler and a regulation NFL football?
A football has to weigh at least fourteen ounces.
What's the literal translation of the Hindi phrase for "take a ****"?
"Nothing to do."

Racial Characteristics:
Pie-faced, neckless, bandy-legged sots who almost never ****. Ignorant and superstitious, they are in utter thrall to the vile, conniving priests of their dark and barbarous religion. Their women have their legs on upside down and no man in the country eats anything but potatoes, and only eats them when has out of strong drink. The principal delights of the Irish are in quarreling and fighting and killing each other with bombs. They can be trained to do nothing useful that a dray horse can't accomplish in half the time, and they spew out a continuous stream of mumbles and grunts which they fancy to be "poems." They sell their children for whiskey.

Good Points:
Many Irish are dead.

Proper Forms of Address:
Bogmouth, peat-face, Mr. Potato Head, nun-buns, dumb Mick.

An Anecdote Illustrating Something of the Irish Character:
There once was an Irishman who got so drunk while he was in Rome that he kissed his wife and beat the Pope's foot to a pulp with a coal shovel.

Racial Characteristics:
Living proof that money can't buy love, these greedy, usurious, scheming Christ-killers, who won't eat pork because it reminds them of their parents, go around moving into other people's countries and buying up all the pawnshops and delicatessens. They were personally responsible for the fall of the Roman Empire, the 1929 stock market crash, and the loss of World War II by a prominent European country. Now they're ruining show business. Their fiendish heathen religious rituals include mutilating the *****es of their own sons and drinking the blood of Christian babies during Lent. The world's nations have historically competed with each other to see who could get rid of them fastest. They control the legal, medical, psychiatric, and accountancy professions, and are the force behind international communism, freemasonry, sex education, the media, and the catholic church.

Good Points:
Clean women.

Proper Forms of Address:
Yid, kike, sheeny, Hebe, nickel-nose, knife-nose, gabardine stroking mockey, clip-tip.

An Anecdote Illustrating Something of the Israeli Character:
A pious rabbi in Tel Aviv had to give up adultery for business reasons. He kept losing interest on his wife.

Racial Characteristics:
This least appealing of the European peoples combines natural criminal propensities with an attitude of slavish idolatry toward that Whore of Rome, the Pope. When speaking, the Italians gesture frantically with their hands in an attempt to distract your gaze from their ugly faces-upon which are clearly etched the marks of their moral and intellectual degeneracy.

They cannot stop stealing, and will sometimes go so far as to steal money that is rightfully theirs from the pockets of their own trousers even as they wear them. Worse yet, they rarely catch themselves doing so. (Not that it matters, since their currency is worth nothing.) Otherwise, they amuse themselves by kidnapping the neighbor's children, voting for Communists, and staying out on strike, where they've been since the 1940s. On the field of battle they are abject cowards, and in the kitchen they're enthralled with bruised tomatoes and the noodle only.

Good Points:
Big tits.

Proper Forms of Address:
Ginzo, guinea, dago, spaghetti-bender, wop.

A German Joke of the War Years Illustrating Some Points Concerning the Italian Character:
During the campaign in North Africa, an Italian tank and a German tank accidentally collided and the two surprised drivers jumped out. The Italian yelled, "I surrender! I surrender!" The German shot him.

Racial Characteristics:
Resembling the Chinese in many respects but mercifully less numerous. Their idea of a good time is to torture people, preferably by inserting a glass rod in the *****, then doing the predictable thing. And this is only for captured business competitors. During time Of war, they resort to more drastic measures entirely. They have no new ideas of their own or any native creativity, but they are able to copy everything we do quite nicely, considering the color of their skin. Their diet consists principally of fish, which they do not cook or even, in many cases, kill. It's rumored that they know of sex acts peculiar unto themselves, and with any luck, so it will stay. The most frightening thing about the Japanese is that we've tried the atomic bomb on them twice and it doesn't seem to have much effect.

Good Points:
Frequently commit suicide.

Proper Forms of Address:
Nip, Jap, dink, gook, yellow rat.

An Anecdote Illustrating Something of the Japanese Character:
There was once a half-Japanese, half-Polish businessman in Tokyo who attempted to export miniaturized dildos.

Racial Characteristics:
Resembling the Spanish in all their more loathsome characteristics except lazier, dirtier, and more thieving. A large percentage of American Indian blood in the average Mexican deprives him of any natural human sympathies or moral sense and makes him a wholly unmanageable drunk. The principal industry of Mexico is the production of pornographic playing cards that depict their women corrupting the morals of donkeys. Completely untrustworthy, the Mexican will make food out of anything that will hold still, feed it to you, and charge you for it besides. An attempt to conquer and hence eliminate this pesky breed of miscegenators was launched by our government during the last century, but wholesale nausea on the part of our troops, when they'd witnessed Mexican home life prevented our doing as thorough a job as we should have.

Good Points:
You can buy their twelve-year-old daughters.

Proper Forms of Address:
Wetback, beaner, chili-dipper, taco turd, flap hat.

Three Important Questions Concerning the Mexican Economy:
What do you call all thirty-eight members of a Mexican family packed into one Cadillac?
Grand theft auto.
How did they get all thirty-eight members of a Mexican family packed into one Cadillac?
They picked the lock.
What's hot on the outside, brown on the inside, and stinks like hell all over?
All thirty-eight members of a Mexican family packed into one Cadillac.

Racial Characteristics:
A nation known as the Rudimental Reading Class of Europe. Its citizens are turkey-loaf look-alikes descended from a barbarian horde that took a wrong turn on its way to sack Rome. They spent the Middle Ages trying to fight Vikings on horseback and invented breech-loading artillery by pointing their cannons the wrong way around. They didn't know about sexual intercourse until the tenth century, having previously reproduced by raiding warthog litters. In 1947, the Poles became a Communist country under the impression that it was a rite of the Catholic church, and today thew principal exports are snow tires manufactured from their own native deposits of snow.

Good Points:
Easy to beat at contract bridge.

Proper Forms of Address:
Polack, dumbo, lug wrench, kielbasa brain.

An Anecdote Illustrating Some. thing of the Polish Character:
A Polish queer, was recently arrested in Warsaw for trying to blow his wife.

Racial Characteristics:
Brutish, dumpy, boorish lard-bags in cardboard double-breasted suits. Lickspittle slaveys to the maniacal schemes of their blood-lusting Red overlords. They make bicycles out of cement and can be sent to Siberia for listening to the wrong radio station. Their Communist party cuts the ***** off of high school boys to get women athletes, and shoots losing chess champions in the kneecaps. They shine their shoes with **** and spread Shinola on their wheat fields.

Good Points:
They aren't allowed to leave their country.

Proper Forms of Address:
Redski, Russki, Commie scum, stinking Red slime, puke-gutted Bolshevik assholesucker.

An Anecdote Illustrating Something of the Russian Character:
Three Russian kids were looking at a couple of pairs of blue jeans on a clothesline and discussing what they wanted most in the world. "I want a big box of turnips," said the first kid, so I could have enough black market rubles to buy a pair of blue jeans like those."
"I want a big box of Shock-Worker's Medals," said the second kid, "so I could have enough People's Hero privileges to buy a pair of blue jeans like those."
""I want a big box of parents," said the third kid.
"A big box of parents?! Why do you want a big box of parents?!" said the other two.
"Because" said the third kid, "I only have two parents and my sister turned them both in to the Secret Police and now she owns both those pairs of blue jeans!"

Racial Characteristics:
Sour, stingy, depressing beggars who parade around in schoolgirl skirts with nothing on underneath. Their fumbled attempt at speaking the English language has been a source of amusement for five centuries, and their idiot music has been dreaded by those not blessed with deafness for at least as long. The latter is produced on a device resembling five flutes that have grown a piss bladder. Formerly, the Scots painted themselves blue and ranged far and wide over the British Isles, but good fortune prevailed and they were conquered by their betters. What passes for an alcoholic beverage in the dreary province to which the Scots have been driven has enjoyed a short vogue among fairies and advertising types, but this appears to be giving way to cocaine.

Good Points:
Attractive plaids.

Proper Forms of Address:
Scotty, Jock, legs, plaid ***.

An Anecdote Illustrating Something of the Scots Character:
In recent years, the small Scottish Nationalist movement has become so desperate that it's been kidnapping money and ransoming it for people.

Racial Characteristics:
As hot of blood as they are dim of mind, a national situation dating back to the fifteenth century when they expelled the last of the Moors, and with them the only people south of the Pyrennees who could count above twenty. The deep-seated strain of masochistic homosexuality manifested in their love for watching ritualized forms of stooptag played with large male cows needs hardly be commented on, except to say that Ernest Hemingway's fondness for this country and its neolithic pastimes was enough to keep most educated people away through the better part of the present century. Spiritually, the Spanish are disfigured beyond help by a particularly greasy sort of religious fanaticism that manifests itself in morbid visions of the type in which our Savior is seen swallowing the menses of his Virgin Mother and so on and so forth to an extent that turns sensible people ill. The Spanish are largely notable for having set out some 500 years ago and found the only people on the face of the earth primitive enough for them to conquer. (See Mexicans.)

Good Points:
Only one book that has to be read for Comparative Lit. courses.

Proper Forms of Address:
Spic, greaser, tight pants, hankie-crotch.

An Anecdote Illustrating Something of the Spanish Character:
In 1536, the explorer Cabeza de Vaca brought an Antarctic penguin back to Spain and displayed it to the mother superior of the Carmelite Order in Madrid, who thereupon had 1,300 nuns burned by the Inquisition trying to obtain a confession.

Racial Characteristics:
Tedious, clean-living boy scout types, strangers to graffiti and littering, but who are possessed of an odd suicidal mania. Speculation is that they're slowly boring themselves to death. This is certainly the case if their cars and movies are any indication. They eat a lot of fish, and perhaps this is more brain food than their modest cranial endowments can cope with. In other points they resemble Canadians, though better looking. Not that that's saying much. Maybe they're depressed because they have the silliest sounding language west of the Urals. Or maybe it's that they have the ugliest famous actress of any civilized nation. No use asking them; what with their silly sounding language and ugly actresses, it's almost impossible for them to get anything across to anyone. Swedes **** a lot, but only in the missionary position.

Good Points:
They're white.

Proper Forms of Address:
Herring-choker, herring-knocker, squarehead, Swede.

An Anecdote Illustrating Something of the Swedish Character:
At a wedding party in Stockholm, the inebriated groom stumbles into a bedroom and finds his bride getting ****ed by the best man. He laughs uproariously and calls all his friends over to the room. They tell him he's drunk. "You think I'm drunk?" he yells. "Take a look at Sven! He's so drunk, he thinks has me!"

Racial Characteristics:
Mountain Jews in whose icy clutches lay the fruits of grave misdeeds committed in every clime. Under cover of their sanctimonious Red Cross organization, they have penetrated all the governments on the planet and, concealed by a flutter of blood drives and nurses' caps, lie sucking like leeches at the marrow of the gold, chocolate, clock, and army knife industries of nations beyond number. Pathologically clean, they sterilize their children at birth, which accounts for their low rate of population growth and leaves them more room to hide heaps and piles of money in their tiny, Alp-ringed repository of snow-covered sin.

Good Points:
They rarely yodel in the home.

Proper Forms of Address:
Butter balls, cheese knees, big fat Swiss.

An Important Question Concerning Switzerland's Economy:
What do you call a Swiss banker who likes Italian lire better than Deutsche marks?