Monday, October 31, 2011

Herman Cain- You cant beat a winner

Now that Herman Cain is the frontrunner for the GOP nomination, the attacks have begun in earnest. From the left, and from the right, every move that Herman has done in the last 65 years will be scrutinized, not for the truth, but for ways of making it look bad for him. The latest is a sexual harassment allegation from 12 years ago. Apparently a few women accused Herman of sexually harassing them, and investigation was done, no wrongdoing was ever found, and these women left the company. They received some sort of settlement, which if you've ever worked for a large business, in fact if you even know anyone who has worked for a large business, "go away" money is sometimes given to these disgruntled ex-employees. Why? Because it is easier to give these people a little cash with the  understanding (legally binding) that they will slink off and shut the hell up, rather than go through a court case, exposing the company to bad publicity. Even when a company wins one of these cases, the publicity associated with it will hurt the company more than just paying the people to go away. I myself have been accused of both sexual harassment, and Racial harassment. Neither of the cases had any merits at all, and as far as the racial harassment, it was totally bogus. Not one shred of evidence, and the incident was 100% made up. never happened. In both cases, a "settlement" was reached and they slimed away to their holes. Now what if Herman Cain had sexually harassed these two women? I've seen a few cases like that in my life. You know what those "settlements" cost the company? one was 1.1 million, and the other was 455 thousand dollars. When plaintiffs really have a case, they get paid, and they get paid big. Not 5 figures.

But this is only the first of what will be many stories that will be dredged up by the left to discredit Cain. Nobody scares the left like Herman Cain. He shakes the very core foundation of what a black person in this country should act like, and should think like. Black people think like Barack Obama, Al Sharpton, Cornell West, Harry Belefonte, and they act like Jessie Jackson, Whoopi Goldberg, Kanye West, and John Lewis. Black conservatives scare the shit out of the mainstream blacks and the liberal whites who use the mainstream blacks to keep their power base. And here is Herman Cain, a likable, charismatic, intelligent, conservative black person who rose above his station in life without the need of affirmative action, welfare, or political favoritism as a minority. His very being is an athema to what they say is and is not possible in the US.

So it's gonna be bad. It's gonna be ugly. It's gonna make what Sarah Palin, who was also targeted for very much the same reason, went through look like child's play. It will be vicous, and vile, and at times it will seem that Herman will have finally gotten so much abuse that he could no longer continue.

But he hill continue, and he will win. Why? Because that's all he's ever done. He was told he couldn't go to the University of Georgia (not sure why anyone would want to go to UGA but anyway, might be my Carolina bias coming through), nor GA Tech, because he was the wrong color. So he went to Morehouse, and succeeded. He was told that he couldn't make 20K a year, but accomplished this goal coming out of Purdue University working for the Department of the Navy on missile guidance computers. Yeah that "stupid person" as some would have us believe is a real life rocket scientist, and his salary was 20,001 dollars per year. He was told that the inner city of Philadelphia Burger King chain was beyond hope, and that there was any salvaging it. They could just close those units and move into the more profitable suburbs, but he turned them around and made them profitable. He was told that the delivery pizza market was dominated by competitors, and that Godfather's Pizza was going to have to file for Bankruptcy protection, but he turned that company around to profitability. Then he bought the company. Then he sold that company for a profit.
In 2007 he was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, and had a 70% chance of dying. It spread to his liver, and the chances decreased even more, but he beat it. And that is my point. Herman Cain has been attacked his entire life. By those that would hold him back because of his color. He ignored them and succeeded anyway. By those limiting self beliefs of his family fo making the lofty sum of 20K per year, but he didn't see that as an obstacle, just another hurdle to overcome. He didn't listen to the naysayers that said a business was hopeless and should be scrapped, but instead made it profitable despite the economy, despite the odds, despite the prevailing wisdom, because failing is what losers do. And when the doctors were telling him to get his affairs in order, that his chances for survival were slim, he didn't listen to them. He found the best doctors in the country, sought a solution to his problem and won the biggest battle of his life.

So as these attacks continue, and escalate, and they will, remember that this is a man, who does bend to the wills of others,he makes them bend to his. He does not shy away from a fight, he fights them and wins them. Cause that's what winners do.

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