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GOP debate grades and recap 9/22/2011

Debate recap and analysis 9/22/2011
So Fox news and Google had a debate. Decided to let Gary Johnson back in. ANd without further ado. Let the snarkiness begin.

Think I will go in reverse alphabetical order this time for a change.
Santorum- Forgot to include him in the last debate recap, and wasn't intintional. Last night he was horrible. I cant remember a single good line from him. At least the previous debates his mission was to make Ron Paul's foreign policy look as ridiculous as it is. This time, had non of that. Seems like this Rick is just angry. Is there anything about him that doesn't scream, "I'm a better looking John McCain!"? He's a hawk on foreign policy, crazy bible thumper on social issues. (I for one was appalled by the audience booing the gay soldier.) and still further appalled by Santurum's lame ass answers on it. Go away Rick. There is no chance in hell you get this nomination, and ALSO no chance in hell you get the VP nod. Drop out and endorse somebody in return for Labor Secretary or something, but just get the hell off this stage. GRADE-D

Mittens- This man looks like the President of the United States should look. He answers questions in a manner the President of the United States should answer. However, he is so fucking wrong on Social Security, I'd still rather have Ron Paul as President (not nominee) than this fuckstick. If one cant be honest about Social Security (no way Mittens really believes the bullshit that he is spouting about how it's a good thing for seniors, etc. Man is too smart to actually believe that. So what's he do? Does he back Perry who has the balls to say that the shit is a fraud (as does Paul and Cain)? No! He pusses out. The GOP could do a world of good by exposing SS for what it is, yet this douchebag sees it as his ticket to score against Perry. Fuck you Mittens, you're a damned Eddie Haskell if I've ever seen one. Having said all that. He kicked everyone but One's ass in the debate, will probably retake the lead in the polls. GRADE-A

Perry- Okay governor, I realize you have a state to run, but you need to take a step back and decide if you want to be President of the United States or not. You made a fool out of yourself last night. After watching it (I listed first), you were horrible. You seemed disinterested at times, and confused at others. You had prepared lines against Mittens but flubbed them like a 8 year old who is made to be a tree in the school play. Immigration is a disaster for you. You better come up with a NATIONAL plan, and forget what the hell you've done in Texas. Obviously if there are a lot of illegals in Texas, then what you've done sucks. I realize the position you are in, but you need to make a pivot. Watch Romney, how he dismisses what Romneycare is and what Obamacare is. He is good at deflecting Romneycare as a state program. Do the same with immigration. What's good for Texas is not good for the US on the whole. You have to win the GOP nom before you start courting those Latino voters Gov! You are the anti-Romney. Most of the right answers, and no way to verbalize them without sounding like a Rube. GRADE-D (This may have been your high point in the campaign, which is sad. I like you, but the first debate we were like, "Meh, he's new to debates. Second debate we were like, "Meh he was off fighting fires, and although he didn't WIN, he held his own, and now I'm like, DUDE!!! YOU ARE BLOWING IT!!! GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR ASS UNLESS YOU WANT TO BE BEGGING PRESIDENT ROMNEY FOR SOME FUNDS TO SEND THOSE ILLEGALS TO U of TEXAS!

Paul- Guess he has better meds this week. The good Ron Paul showed up to this debate, and he knocked it out of the park a lot in substance. Still is a horrible presenter, and I noticed that he always seems like he's whining. Sounds like Dante in "Clerks", I'm not supposed to be here today. Problem for RP, is that he was overshadowed in the debate by others. No answers have stuck with me 6 hours later. But maybe that's a good thing for him, since there is no, "Iran should be able to have nukes answer" stuck in there. RP=treading water. GRADE-C

Gary Johnson- I like him. He's like the younger, better looking, more sane version of Ron Paul. His best line was the I started a home improvement company, grew it to over a thousand employees, and have only run for one office 2 times. That's actually pretty awesome. He should be playing up that aspect of his career more. Basically, he is Herman Cain that won an election. He is a much more welcome addition to the stage than other 1%ers Huntsman, Santorum, and soon to be Bachman. GRADE:C

Huntsman- There you go again. Best tweet I saw last night was, "Huntsman looks and sounds like he is made up of Romney's spare parts". I could go on about how this man has the worst jokes, the worst choice in ties, and such, but I'll just say he was pretty good on Foreign policy, horrible on the rest, and his best contribution was choosing Herman as his hypothetical running mate. Maybe to show he wasn't racist!!!

Newt- Another winning debate performance by Newt. He has no equal in these things. If only he could run a campaign, and the PR side of his image, and quit leaving sick wife's for new bimbos this man would be unbeatable. I cant think of one time, he has been stymied by a question. He answers all of them the best, with the correct ideology. Unbelievable! Unemployment 99 week answer was great. Foreign policy was great. Newt wins the debate if the only criteria is answers given. I said a few weeks back, that if there was going to be a McCainesque comeback by anyone, it will be Newt. His slow and steady rise in the polls are making my prediction a reality. Many people think he cant win the general because he is vilified by the press. That's the exact same thing the press tried to do to Reagan, but exactly like Reagan, Newt talks over the media's head straight to the people. Put him on stage debating Obama (Hillary in my opinion will run and beat Obama in the Dem primary, but I digress) and he mops the floor with him, and those negatives go down. IDEAS!!!! RECORD OF SUCCESS!! These are the cornerstones of Newt winning the general. Unemployment above 9%, debt gone crazy, and two ideological opposites on a debate stage? You're gonna have a lot of people that say, "I may hate Newt, but he is right, and that other fucker has no clue. GRADE-A

Herman Cain- (I am a fervent Herman Cain supporter just FYI, but try to be fair) Herman won the debate!!!!! And no this isn't a PaulBot (Cainiac) opinion, it is the opinion of most people that watched the debate and a majority that were in the audience. Cain was applauded in the room before he even opened his mouth. It was HIS crowd, and he performed. His answers were top notch, and were the best amongst those not named Newt. His only weak answer was foreign policy and Israel, and it wasn't bad, just not shiny and pretty like all the rest. Herman has "it". And if you've ever been around rockstars you understand what I'm talking about. Some people have a natural ability to make people like them when they meet them. Bill Clinton had this quality. Sarah Palin has this quality. Paul Stanley of KISS has this quality. (saw this in action once, and I was floored) Within seconds people like them, want to be around them, and what to listen to them. Herman finally (last one was okay too) hit some home runs. Took a jab at Mittens, and frankly his 999 plan is awesome. He explained his economic vision in less than 90 seconds. Ron Paul cant spit out "cant afford these wars, THE FED!!!, and unconstitutional" in less than 90 seconds. I love the FairTax, and this 999 plan is the perfect segue to the FairTax. Anyway. Back to the debate. Herman won. No contest. Not even Mittens looked as poised, confident, or ready for last night's debate. If Herman ever gets above 10% in the polls, watch out. He will then start looking like a legitimate contender, and will get the money that goes with that, and the more people know Herman, the more people will be Herman supporters. Who were the VP choices by those that decided to play the hypothetical game last night? Herman and Newt. Only Johnson chose someone different, and it was fellow Libertarian Ron Paul. GRADE A

Michelle Bachman- Yawn- Okay Bachman was good on the border fence thing. Otherwise she was as relevant as Thad McCotter. Just judging the debate, she seems desperate, trying to cut in a few times to make points that weren't points. Cuba?!?! Really? I listened once, and watched again, and nothing else stands out except her lying about the "mystery 'mentally retarded gardisil' Lady" again. Try to salvage campaign with a mea culpe or double down on batshit crazy? I'll double down on batchit crazy Alex!! GRADE:F as in Fuck off, and dont come to the next debate. All you do is push Romney closer to the nomination.

SO in order from Awesome to Awful-
Just so you know I'm not just a rah rah Cainiac. Others agree with my Cain won bit.
2. Newt- He and Herman will largely get ignored by the media as they continue on their Perry v.Romney storyline, but those that watched the debate will know who the real winners were and they were the GA Boys.
3.Romney- Dislike the guy, but he is the anti-Perry in polish, and poise.
4. Paul- Only have the crazy as usual, so a good job for him. Still whiny though.
5. Johnson- Dont know why he's in this position except the others sucked more than he did.
6,7,8,9 Huntsman, Perry, Bachman, and Santorum. All sucked. All will go down in the polls (if it is possible to get lower than Santorum and Huntsman, I have no idea, but they may have lost the last bit of their families that supported them until today) Perry is biggest loser. Get some sleep, take some uppers, do something. But you've seemed tired, disinterested and a bumbling idiot for 2 debates now. 3 strikes and you're out pal. Bachman. Go home and make your husband a sammich. The only good thing you did tonight is not remind us how you were a tax attorney for the bad guys.

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