Thursday, June 3, 2010

Why Ragnar?

Why Ragnar? Why not the hero, John Galt, or the perfect Francisco D'Anconia? Why not the stubborn Hank Rearden, or Dagny Taggart who fought till there was no more fight in her? Why Ragnar?
John Galt is a leader, someone to look up to, and ideal man, and an heroic figurehead. He stands as a perfect example, almost Christlike, in his single purpose, his clarity of vision, his philosophy, and his will. I am not an entire 180 degree oppositie of that, but almost. I am not perfect certainly would never be confused with Christ, I have things that I am currently working on, my philosophy although unique, is constantly changing. I may be a rock solid theolgian of Objectivism today, Christianity tomorrow, Conservatism next week, Libertarian the week after. I change, and am not a devotee of any of these poitical oer religious philosophies. I see Ragnar as being the same about those thoughts. Think about it, if the perfect John Galt, and Fransisco D'Anconia didn't agree with Ragnar's methods, does this alone not prove my theory; that Ragnar Danneskjöld is indeed the individual of the three friends? John hatches the plan, and Frisco follows the plan exactly, but not Ragnar. Ragnar when he is shown the plan understands the injustice, and instead of being passive like Frisco and John, he is the only one that takes proactive measures to bring about change. So when I am on a social networking site and somebody tells me that "This guy does not honor the nickname he uses, Ayn Rand would be ashamed of you Ragnar." or "No, you are a criminal, and Ragnar was the contrary of that. Ragnar was a hero who used violence, and not someone who initiated the use of violence against innocent individuals. You have no ethics."  This sort of thing makes me a little miffed. I have put a lot of thought into this whole Ragnar persona. I could have chosen another pseudonym like Bob Smith, or Lucy Miller, but I chose Ragnar for a specific purpose. I aspire to be like Ragnar, or at least how I perceive Ragnar to be, which is a lot more than what Ms. Rand put him to doing in fiction.


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