Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Get in their faces!

A Facebook friend I was helping a little today, brought up a great point to me. I was recommending my friends to become friends with him, and as the folks started becoming facebook friends with him, I started warning him that some folks are a little different. I have liberals, libertarians, Randians, Paulians, conservatives, Yankee conservatives, and a variety of different backgrounds. He asked why I would try to warn him of these folks, and I said, well some of them are very different philosophically or ideologically then he was, and some of them are very abrasive and such. He then told me something that should have been obvious, but for some reason I had not grasped yet. He said, "you know what...? we need to start infiltrating more liberal sites and pages and other wankers like that...
this is doing no good to preach to the choir..." I replied back "I've been feeling that a lot of what we do is sit around telling each other how awesome and brilliant we are."

So there it was. A gauntlet has been thrown down. I realized that I "liked" things that I supported, and if someone had posted something I didn't agree with, I just ignored them. That is going to stop now for me. There is one lady in particular that if I last until Monday before she drops me, I'll be surprised. I see her threaten to drop people all the time. It makes me laugh.

So my plan is this. We could sit here and cannibalize each other, by disagreeing on small issues, while the large issues that we do agree on get pushed aside, OR We can get in the face of the real enemies. The leftist and the statists, the Obama apologists, those that say we are racist due to our dissent, the anti-capitalist, and the populist ( I know many of the "conservatives and others on the right also have this populist slant, but we will delve into that later. Lets move out of our comfort zones, of being in groups with people who only think like we do. Jump in the middle of a hornets nest, and fight these liberals, with facts, statistics, and logic. Try to leave personality, race, and other non-factors out of it. If yuou call someone a Fascist be able to tell them why you think they are. If they are a collectivist, be able to explain how that is different than a socialist.

So that's it. Nothing mind-blowing, but just a little different than what we may be doing right now. Jump in the ring, and get bloody. Hit someone and make a difference. The far left, there is no hope for, but there are middle people in these forums with the far left. Go for the middle folks. Explain why freedom and liberty are our only hope, and how the Statist are taking these freedom and liberties away. GET IN THEIR FACES AND FIGHT!!!



  1. I like it..... I got my thinking cap on, and lacing up my boxing gloves....

  2. You know,its funny because every once in awhile I get a comment from left field, a lot of people are listening, one girl even told me she gets the "real" news from me! I thought everyone (my HS friends and such) had hidden me by now, but I think more people are listening than commenting... that's what keeps me posting.

  3. Interesting timing of your post, RD. At work, I am an island of conservatism surrounded by liberal sharks. Today, I had my first, in your face moment. After listening to one of them spew on about the evils of capitalism, I reminded the idiot that he was working for a firm that was created in 1929 by a guy who started out working on a survey crew. Through hard work and investment, the company grew to where it is today. It's called "capitalism". Idiot.