Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Damn NeoCons!!

I love how so many people label others"neo-cons" without a full understanding of the term. I decided that there are so many on this "Libertarian-Anarchy-Ron Paulian" tack that if one says, "The Iraq war was justified" how quickly these folks scream NEOCON!!!. As if someone with a different opinions on the foreign policy than Ron Paul, suddenly qualifies them as a NEOCON!!!!. God forbid they also may love Jesus or something. That's a sure way to spot NEOCONS!!!. I've determined that most of the Libertarian-Anarchy-Ron Paulians (see how easy it is to throw labels on people) are just liberal-progressives that realized they couldn't believe that bullshit anymore, They opened their eyes a little and saw a way they could still hate Bush, and not be a dumbass. Anyway. I think I heard something from a Neocon the other day that made sense. The American People do not have the willpower to win a war anymore. I agree with him. We should get the hell out of all foreign countries immediately. There is just no need for us to be anywhere but here. With technology today, we can absolutely, positively destroy anything, and kill anyone that we would like, without having to leave the comforts of our air conditioning.

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