Monday, July 12, 2010

Pretentiousness, or just perturbing?

People that refer to their auto/bike by brand name usually annoy me in other ways also. "Well I was up in the mountains with my Porsche this weekend, and life was beautiful (in spite of my smallish penis)." 

I love Porsches. It is my favorite car, but unless I am specifically talking about the function of the automobile, with someone who would also be interested in such things, casually mentioning it in conversation is pretentious. 

An exception of this would be when talking to someone who would "understand". A friend of mine, whom I know owns a Porsche Boxster, asked me what I did this weekend, and I told him I went to Deals Gap on a Triumph Rocket.  The Rocket was not my normal ride, and a trip to Deals Gap (where he had already taken his Porsche, thereby with some understanding of the significance of the place). I also wanted him to ask me about the Triumph, and therefore baited him to do so, at which he of course asked me if we should put the vehicles through its paces, which we did. He couldn't hang with me on anything remotely straight, and his four tires versus my two on curves were better, plus, I wasn't going to push the envelope on a loaner bike.

Just my small opinion. Please return to your regularly scheduled program.


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