Tuesday, January 24, 2012

One week to beat McMittens in Florida

One week to beat McMittens in Florida- So the debacle that was billed as a debate has come and gone. I like many of you sat through the tedious and torture of it. After having some time to digest it I think that it furthers the cause of the defeated McMittens in a few ways. First, McMitten's attacks on Newt were not very effective. Mittens showed his mean side, and that was a very good thing for the electorate to see. Usually this wimp just sends out surrogates to do his nasty little dirty work, but he understands that his time is short and sees what he believes is his birthright slipping away. I mean if you had just blown 7 million dollars to build up an 11 point lead only to see it vanish in one day and be replaced with a 5 point deficit, wouldn't you be angry? So anyway, the well oiled weathervane came after Newt on Freddie and Fannie, using the historian line over and over again as if it were effective, when he knows well what a consulting firm in DC does. The same thing that Bain did with clients. They tell them, this is what is working, and this is what is not working, and we advise you to do x,y, and z. Whether or not the firm that is getting consulting listens or not is up to the firm. Of course Bain usually just did it's due diligence, bought the company, and cut, leveraged, and then filed bankruptcy. Dont you wish that you made money whether or not a business was profitable? Guess when you have the power of government on your side, and allow the government to subsidize your losses when you lose that's how the Romney version of capitalism works. Oh? You didn't know that Mittens company Bain got 43 Million in government money in 1994 (while Mittens was at the helm) to bail out a company's pension plan? Guess that is free market capitalism to Mittens. Go in, buy a company, break it apart, sell the pieces, and let the taxpayers pay for any damage. Well he made money for his stockholders!!! Well good for him. I am glad he made money for his investors as he pocketed money from the government.  I'm not attacking capitalism, I'm attacking corporate cronyism, and corporate welfare, of which Mittens is certainly guilty of. So anyway....

So McMittens has known that he was going to release his tax returns and that they were going to show that he paid less than 14% in Federal Taxes on his income, and he couldn't come up with a better answer than, well Newt under your plan I wouldn't have paid any taxes. You see folks? People will try to say that Newt is trying to use class warfare against McMittens but the truth is McMittens uses it on himself. Need proof? His tax plan is to cut capital gains taxes to 15% for people that make under 150K a year. When asked why a lower cutoff than even Obama, he replied that successful people like himself do not need the tax break as much as the middle class. DID YOU HEAR THAT? DO I NEED TO REPEAT MYSELF? Mittens has not only bought into the narrative that the rich (he says successful but we all know what the hell he is talking about), but NOW THAT IDIOT HAS SOME SORT OF "RICH GUILT" and is selling it too. Need another example? Sure no problem. Last night’s debate he tells Newt that under Newt's plan he wouldn't have paid any taxes (stupid move by the way. Look McMittens we know you are rich, and we LOVE that you are successful, but why even put into people's minds that you would ever pay no taxes?), and NEWT OWNED HIM!! How? He simply said that instead of making McMittens pay more, how about we make EVERYONE pay Mitten's rate. BOOM! Now I know in the malaise that was that debate last night, that may have been overlooked, but see I have a sensitive ear to taxes and tax rates and such, and my radar is sharper than the Nautilus (yes I know the Nautilus would use sonar not radar, but that's how the quote goes, so bite me), but I digress. Do you see what will become of McMittens in the general? He will be bashed over the head with real wealth envy/class warfare incessantly, and his response will be what? To agree with them, act ashamed, and what promote higher taxes on the evil rich? Sorry McMittens fans. If this clown hasn't rehearsed this line 300 times in the past month he has no business being our nominee. He will be cowed into submission by a BILLION DOLLARS of negative ads. Every single person that he even had a remote dealing with that was laid off fired, or what have you from a company related to Bain will be trotted out. Now normally I would say, "BRING IT ON CHUMPS! CAPITALISM ROCKS, AND WE HAVE THE TRUTH OF AN HONEST BUSINESSMAN ON OUR SIDE!!!" But alas, I cannot say that because McMittens is such a wimp. He will melt under the fire, and we will be left with a squishy melted nominee that nobody wants, and will not support. We cannot afford another 4 years of Obama. We cannot afford to allow Obama to put 2 more Elena Kagans on the bench to replace Kennedy and Scalia. WE WILL NEVER BE THE SAME AGAIN AS A COUNTRY!!! YOU MIGHT AS WELL GO TO CANADA BECAUSE EVEN THEY WILL BE BETTER THAN THIS PLACE  AFTER AN OBAMA TERM WITHOUT RECOURSE.

Anyway, the choice is clear. Nominate someone that will take it to Obama, the libs, the lib media, and even the squish GOP (that's why they dont like him. They know their days of spending and wheeling and dealing like democrats is over), or you nominate McMittens who is so much of a wimp, that he cowers in shame at his own success, and buys into the 99% rhetoric. Newt hasn't attacked McMittens on class warfare, McMittens attacks himself.

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