Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A football analogy.

Sometimes we lose sight of the war as we focus on battles. This one is Mitt vs. Newt, or Newt vs. The Establishment, or Obama Vs. The Free market, but those are simply battles in the larger war. There are two sides to this battle. One that would like us to be a big government top down society and one that wants us to be as the founders intended with a smaller federal government, more state centric Republic. This battle has been raging since Jefferson and Hamilton, and heated up with Wilson, caught fire with FDR, raged with Johnson, and went nuclear over the past 20 years. We are losing the war at this point. There are but a handful of elected officials in DC that are fighting for our side. The opponents have the propaganda arm in the media that helps sell their message of dependency. The other side is waging a ground war for the hearts and minds of the people, moving forward to a European Socialist style society. THEY ARE WINNING!!!!

How do I know they are winning? Because when one thinks of this as a physical battle ground they have been inching towards victory for the past 100 years, taking huge chunks of ground.

Being Super Bowl week, let’s tell of a story of the past 100 years in the form of a football game. One end zone being a country that our founders set up and the other end zone a country that Marx would set up.

The Liberty Team kicks off through the end zone and the Socialist start with the ball on their own 20 yard line.
They won a huge battle in 1913 with the passing of the 16th Amendment. This gave them POWER over the people's money. We were to work, and produce for ourselves, but THEY were to be paid first. Our production was OWNED by them, and the LET us keep some of it. The Federal Reserve is set up, to control monetary policy. The Defense is pushed back 20 yards.
Then the 17th Amendment was passed the same year. Probably was not seen by the people as a big battle lost but it was necessary to consolidate power at the Federal level. The Senate was set up to represent the states AGAINST the federal government, but with the popular election of Senators, the Senate morphed into a Federal Arm, instead of an arm to protect the states. The Defense loses another 10 yards.  1st and 10 for the Socialist on the 50 yard line.

Then the Great Depression happened, and those that were starving, out of work, and desperate were easy prey to those that wanted a huge government. Social Security was passed, Payroll taxes were collected directly from people's paychecks, new programs and agencies sprung up overnight, FDR stacked the Supreme Court with Justices that expanded the Interstate Commerce Clause to virtually mean the Federal Government was THE ruling authority in the US. Huge advancement on the field, never to be regained. And with each big play, smaller ones were lost in between, and the side for freedom, gave a few yards at a time. Big pass play for the Socialist, the defense gave up 20 yards. 1st and 10 for the Socialists at the Liberty 30 yard line.

Had the Liberty team scored any victories during this time? Sure. Very small ones.  They stopped the Socialist Offense on a couple of downs, but in general were giving up 1st downs left and right, and the Socialists never had to punt. Then LBJ came along. Great social upheaval with the Vietnam War, The Civil Rights movement, easy time to go for a big play. SO the Great Society with Welfare, and Medicare, and Medicaid was passed. The straw that broke the camel’s back really. The Social Security Act of 1965 is absolutely the number one program that has doomed us. It has changed not only our country economically, but socially. We officially had given in to the thought that government was going to take care of us. If we didn't have money for medicine, the government would provide medicine, if we didn’t have money for food, the government would provide food, and if we didn't have any money to live the government would provide that too. 25 yard end around for the Socialists, 1st and goal on the 5. They tried and tried to punch it into the end zone, but there were just enough people backing the Liberty team that their efforts of Universal Healthcare was thwarted, and they could not overcome the power of the individuals that would stop them. Turnover on downs.

So in 1980 Ronald Reagan found himself working out of his own end zone, 1st and goal on his own 5 yard line. He passed tax reform, and the ball was moved out to the 10. This gave them (and capitalist) a little room to play with, so he went huge on offense. Suddenly the fans began to believe that indeed Liberty was the best team, and more gains were made, but then Reagan was taken out (knee injury) and the backup quarterback was put in. He had watched for many years how things worked and how well things were going, but he (GHWB) decided to give up some of the ground that Reagan had gained. He then punted but it was a squib kick out of bounds at the 15 yard line. The people booed and demanded a replacement.

So they brought in a baddass linebacker (newt). He was a little erratic, was a little brash, but had a bunch of sacks. So the Socialist (Clinton) tried to score on the first few plays from the 15 yard line. A pass into the end zone (Hillarycare) batted down by the linebacker. The next play the linebacker sacked the quarterback (cut spending), for a loss of 5 yards. The next play was another sack by the linebacker (welfare reform) for another 5 yard loss. But the cheerleaders on the sideline started screaming that the linebacker was a bad person, and shouldn't be allowed to play. The crowd booed him although he was the only one on the Liberty team that was actually not only stopping the Socialist Offense, but costing them yards. But his own teammates didn't like that the crowd was booing the Linebacker and the whole team because the cheerleaders had convinced the crowd that what the linebacker was doing was evil. So the Liberty Team decided to bench the Linebacker so that the crowd would like them again. But it didn't work, so they gave up 5 yards on purpose to win back the fans, but that didn't work either.

The Cheerleaders still were convincing the fans that the Liberty team was the cause of all their problems, and the Socialist team brought in a new Quarterback to punch it into the end zone. He completed his first pass (Obamacare) because the Liberty defense had already given up except a few players that still believed they could keep the Socialist team out of the end zone. But the Liberty team was on the 3 yard line, and they were tired. But something amazing happened. The crowd started ignoring the cheerleaders, and started rooting for the Liberty team. They screamed that they didn't want the Socialist team to score and win the country for the Socialist. But the crowd was split. Part of them said bring back the linebacker to stop the touchdown, but many of them said no bring in this other guy, who use to play for the Socialists, but now says he wants to play for the Liberty team. So the New Guy was saying that the mean nasty linebacker was even meaner and nastier than he ever really was. He says that he didn’t break up that pass, or sack the quarterback,  but that he only did all of that because the rest of the team made it possible. He points out that the mean old nasty linebacker drank from the Socialists water bottle and this proves that he really is with the Socialist team now. The Mean Linebacker tells the people, I’ve stopped them before and I will stop them again. I’m sorry that I drank from the Socialists’ water bottle, but I was ostracized by the Liberty team. The Liberty teammates said NO Bring in the New Guy, because the people hated the Mean nasty linebacker, but really they were thinking that the mean nasty linebacker made them work harder, and expected them to do well, but the New Guy wouldn’t push them, and if the Socialists scored they could always point and blame at the New Guy.

And here we are. The Socialist team is on the 3 yard line. Do you pick the mean nasty linebacker who thwarted the Socialists’ offense before, and gained ground for the Liberty Team? Or do you choose the New Guy, who was playing for the Socialists until 5 minutes ago?

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