Friday, April 16, 2010

People say I am too negative...

So I thought I would try to get some things out of my system, so that I could continue in a more positive light. So here it goes.
Things I dont like:
Income taxes, corporate taxes, capital gains taxes, liberals, stupid people, illiterate people, welfare (corporate or individual), entitlement programs, unions, politicians, global warming idiots, people who drive too slow in the fast lane, people who for some reason do not see motorcycles, cockblockers, bad karaoke singers who go more than once (who are not funny), snobby salespeople, Jimmy Johnson #48 (okay that one is a little trite, but I'm a Smoke fan, so sue me), trolls, clowns, bad river cards, Harley Davidson people who are rude to those on British bikes,(or any other type of motorcycle really, but I only know these in particular), people who pronounce Porsche incorrectly ( I mean really, do you get lumber from the Home De-pott? French is much harder than German), no college football playoffs, people who worship evil people, people that chew with their mouth open (this includes the new phenomenon of people that chew gum with really open mouths. When did this become acceptable, and to see some people do it cool?), rude people (this is not saying that someone can not get loud, or in someone's face when they need it, but there is a difference, and I hope you know it), Satanist(no I am not talking about pagans, Wiccans, or other earth religions, just people who actually worship the Judeo-Christian anti-deity Satan,Lucifer,the devil or whatever. These people are just stupid. Sorry, if this offends you please piss off.), kids with an entitlement attitude, Bill Maher, Chris Mathews, Barak Obama, Nancy Pelosi, hell this could take all night so I will say all Democrats, and most Republicans.

Things I hate: Racism (real racism, not the bullshit racism cries from the left for just about everything having to do with a white person and a minority), Real Bigotry, revisionist history, people who cannot admit they are wrong even when faced with incontrovertible evidence to the contrary, did I mention stupid people before? if I did, move them to the hate category, Gloria Allred, race warlords (Sharpton, Jackson), pinching my balls in a parachute harness, running out of ammunition, gun laws, drug laws, wasteful government spending (according to me almost all of it is wasteful), liars, thieves, people who abuse children, people who abuse animals (eating and hunting for food is not considered abuse in my world, chaining a dog to a chain for more than an hour is), and guys who abuse women ( I suppose this is a sexist statement, but frankly a man that gets abused by a woman or another man doesn't get any respect from me).

Things I hate the most: Moochers, Looters, Wealth envy, Class warfare, Involuntary Servitude, Oppression, Tyranny, Hypocrites, and Cowards.

Okay I guess I feel a little better, but frankly I didn't feel bad before. Maybe this list will give someone else a laugh, or maybe make them angry. Frankly I wrote it as an exercise, and I am not sure I accomplished a damn thing. Add "wasting time" to list 2. :)

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