Monday, April 19, 2010

Attitude is everything.

I am an optimist.I know that may sound odd to some of you that follow me here and elsewhere. You have heard me rant about the government, and about other people that tick me off but the statement is true. Am I optimistic about my future, but I really cant say the same about your future. The way I see it, we are all in charge of our own destiny. Sure the government may try to oppress us, but for at least now, the US is still the last best hope on Earth.
My hypothesis is: There is no other country in the entire world, where someone could enter with no money, no job, no family, no name recognition, no spectacular talent, and really nothing but themselves, and through hard work, determination, and making intelligent decisions become not only successful, but wildly successful. I have been having a conversations with friends in Europe, Asia, and one in South America about this, and my hypothesis has been confirmed by them. No place on Earth can someone who comes from nothing become something through their own hard work. Having never lived (for more than 6 weeks) in a foreign country, I really did not understand how much class, caste, and family standing account for the success of people in other countries. In most countries in the world if you are born poor, you will remain poor, and if you are born into the middle class you will remain middle class. And then there is The United States of America.
I have a few personal stories that I know, but none more astonishing than a man named Alexandre. Alexandre and his wife escaped communist USSR back in 1985. Actually Ukraine, but at that point it was still part of USSR. Like something out of a thriller movie, they escaped in the middle of the night, on trains, and a truck, a boat, and walking into Turkey, and finally making it into Israel. Then over to the United States on a refugee status (political, and religious), and he says he got here with no family, no friends, and very little English and about 45 dollars in his pocket. He got a job at a dry cleaning place, and worked and saved for 3 years, before he had enough money to get a loan and buy out his boss. He now owns 14 dry cleaning stores, and a transaction I helped him with, he paid for in cash. It was 842K transaction, which is sizable here. So if this guy can do it, he is a moderately educated man, earning the equivalent of a Bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering, but has the disadvantage that 99% of the country does not have, which is lack of English as a first language.
Only in America. I could not, even with an advanced degree go to any other country with the clothes on my back and start something from scratch, and in 25 years, be upper class. And trust me, my work ethic, and determination is hard to match. So it is here, the last best hope on Earth, where I will make my stand. I will fight for freedom, and liberty until I die. Against the media who are accomplices in this sham, against the politicians of both parties who point the finger at the other and scream bloody murder, whilst their hands are bloody themselves. The liars, cheats and those who did not hold them accountable have all got to go. A few years ago, I read a Tom Clancy novel, (pre 9/11) where a person flew a jumbo jet into a joint session of Congress and so the government had to be rebuilt from scratch. Before you get in an uproar, I am not wishing this to come true, however, the geniuses who established our government put in place the system to make this happen every 2 years. We can replace every single member of the house of representatives every 2 years. 1/3 of the senators every 2 years. In 4 years, we can replace a president, all of the House of Representatives, and 2/3 (a filibuster-proof and a Veto overriding) of the Senate. Revolution in this country can be done without a shot fired. Unfortunately some of the elections have been corrupted. If this happens again, I am afraid we may have to really fight. Because as I see it, if they take away the peaceful way to rebel, then there is only the option to non-peaceably rebel.What I witnessed as New Black Panther Party intimidated voters, and was not prosecuted really makes me angry, and like Bruce Banner said, "You wont like me when I 'm angry." I saw the Minnesota Senate race stolen in plain sight, and now we have probably the biggest Assclown ever sitting in the Senate.\
So there is my optimistic view. I believe we have a chance. The raw materials of this country (the people) is good, but it's getting weakened. With each passing year it seems that what is considered acceptable is moving further and further left. Now, programs like Medicare, and Social Security are looked at with fondness. I am all in favor of looking out for the old folks, mentally challenged folks and kids, but that doesn't mean we have to let the government take care of them. Look how poorly they are doing. Is there 1 shred of evidence that the government can do anything efficiently, and cost effective? I cant find anything.
Anyway, hang in there. Attitude is everything.


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