Thursday, April 15, 2010

Happy Slavery Day Part II

So how did it feel today? Did you go to a protest and hold a sign? Did you stay at home doing your tax returns? Did you stand in line at a post office? Did you look at disgust at someone else? I think last thing is the thing I dislike the most. If you have followed my posts on this blog or on facebook, then you probably know that I am a lover of my life, and a firm believer in the heroic being in all of us. I believe in people, so it makes me a very sad when I see someone who disgusts me. I see them in a grocery store, with a EBT card, buying crap food. It disgusts me not only because I believe that this person has no self respect, honor, or shame but has the potential that we all have, but has either never known it, or has had it beat out of them. So on one hand, I am disgusted by them, and on the other I am mad at myself for being disgusted. should i try to talk to them, and tell them that they are worth something, that they can succeed, that they can have self worth. But instead I just walk away in disgust, as they eat frozen pizzas, bought with a portion of my life.

So many people have contacted me today. Some were offended that I called today Slavery Day. One said that I was a racist. ha ha! But since she brought it up, lets talk about slavery then and slavery now. Slavery before 1865 in America, is one of the darkest moments of our history. To most people, myself included, the thought of being able to own another human being is as foreign as being able to spread my arms and flying. It just does not compute. Yet most of us are slaves of a different type today. What is a slave? Someone who is owned by another. Back in the bad old days, people were owned by other people, but now, people are owned by the state. The government acts as though everything we earn belongs to them, and they let us keep some of it, so we should be happy. They believe that they know how to spend that money better than we can. What is money, or actually what is income? Income is the monetary manifestation of production, and effort by an individual. We spend time and effort, and in return are awarded income for our efforts. Minutes and hours of our lives, OUR lives, are taken by the government, therefore, the government owns a piece of our lives. We are slaves to the government. As I have met new people on here, I have been introduced to some new political philosophies. I am not an anarchist. I do not believe all government has to be abolished. Our Constitution is pretty damn good, and it needs to be restored. I would repeal the 16th amendment. Somehow our government , and our country survived for 140 years without a tax on individual production and income. Let's go back to that time, when the USA was truly a free country. As long as we are enslaved by any tax upon or production and income, we are not free. We are slaves. Lets have another Emancipation Proclamation, and this time make it permanent.


  1. I have to say that I agree with you, with some caveats. There are people in society with mental and physical illnesses who cannot take care of themselves. Additionally, I feel that it is our responsibility as humans to take care of our senior citizens. These are the people who raised us, forged the way before us, paid with their blood and sweat for our freedom (both here and abroad). We need a strong defense system. These things cost money.

    All of these things, and other necessities (public education, penal institutions, etc) can be accomplished at a fraction of what we currently pay and can be accomplished by means other than income taxes. Personally, I'm in favor of Ross Perot's idea: a flat tax on commodities (outside of food), and I will even give in to the socialist idea of cutting that tax or eliminating it for those who live in poverty. That way, any taxes we pay, we choose to pay by virtue of the fact that we have the choice to engage in commerce.

    I could go on and on, but its your blog, sorry for the counter-blog...

  2. You took the words right out of my mouth. I work nights at a grocery store, and because of taxes I makes just enough to get by. And where does some of that money that they take away from me go? To the lowlifes who come into my store and pay with their EBT cards. I literally have to help them pay for their groceries with my money.