Friday, May 6, 2011

Osama Bin Laden- Death and/or the Idiocy of Obama

First I want to say that I am not a conspiracy guy. I hate them actually as I believe they distract people from real issues. So why then would I put forth a theory, that some may seem as kooky? Because some things do not make sense about the OBL death.

Theory one- OBL is not dead, but has been captured. I guess the bigger picture and the reason for my theory is that although the Obama administration is the most incompetent band of dumbasses ever assembled in the history of the world, even they would understand the value of Osama Bin Laden. Imagine for one instance the idiocy of killing OBL, who is THE central figure of our greatest threat in the War on Terror, Al Qaeda. Any student of history understands that the value of intelligence gathered in the field is grows exponential when the enemy does not know that an asset has been compromised. Take for example the Enigma Machine of World War II. When we captured the code breaker, we didn't splash it all over the newspapers that we had in our possessing this device; we stayed quiet, allowed the Axis powers to continue using the code, and we essentially listened in. Had the Axis powers known that we had the device, they would have changed the method of sending messages, and our advantage would have been nullified.
SO! Why would we a) Kill Bin Laden on sight, when apparently there was no immediate threats, when just 1 hour of interrogation with him, could fill in blanks in our intelligence that have been there for 15 years? This makes no sense at all, and if the CIA, and Seal Team 6 were "in charge" of this operation, there would be no question in their mind as to the value of this asset. These guys live and die, and kill based on intelligence gained in the field. Think of what could have been accomplished, if the US Intel system, poured through the computers and papers found in the palace, AND had OBL and his Merry Men to interrogate? We could have masqueraded as OBL in communications with other fucksticks like Al Zawahiri and Al -Awlaki in Yemen. "OBL- Need to meet- Al Queada Fucksticks- Okay how's Tehran sound? OBL- Great see you then" B)Why do this dog an pony show where Obama makes his victory rounds, for making this "hard decision"? Something stinks.

So, I have come to the following conclusion:
Either a) Osama Bin Laden is alive, and is currently getting "interrogated" so that we can catch more leaders of Al Qaeda. B) Osama Bin Laden is dead at the hands of Navy Seal Team Six, at the orders of Obama.
Unlike the left in this country, I know that our CIA, and Armed Forces are not idiots, so I must put the blame on he who shows himself as an idiot daily, President Barack Hussein Obama

If A- then Obama shows his complete idiocy by shouting to the world that we have the guy, allowing our enemies in the leadership of Al Qaeda, to go black, and find new holes to hind in.
If B- Obama shows his complete idiocy by ordering this guy’s execution, therefore basically throwing away the one piece of intelligence that could truly put the hurt on Al Qaeda, perhaps disabling them for good.

Either way Obama is an idiot. But if B) and OBL is dead, I have to wonder why BHO would give that order. Great! 1 terrorist dead, but 100 escape?

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  1. What I believe myself that he was dead to begin with, there were reports of some people who claimed there was nobody in the house when the "team six" attacked. I don't believe in far fetched out conspiracy theories, but I believe in facts and witnesses and by going with that alone, I believe he might have been dead, there is just too conflicting evidence and they didn't show anything counter evidencing it, they did not prove his death, only later some members of his family said so, but what if they were told to say those exact things? We may never know, but I sure as hell don't believe the official story.